JFK’s warnings about television, money and politics ring true today


On November 14, 1959, TV Guide published a brief essay about politics and television by Senator John F. Kennedy that contained some prophetic words about the influence of money and public relations on presidential campaigns that still seem true today.
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  • Gigi  On 11/19/2016 at 2:39 pm

    “The 2016 contest featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cost about $2.65 billion.”

    Mostly spent by the democrat contender and her deep donors buying access while trying their darndest to block Trump’s visibility – Twitter, Google, FB, and much of the msm. Trump, who got nada from the RNC in a show of rejection, utilized his celebrity status to garner free publicity by saying outrageous things that the click-bait media could not afford to ignore. He played them how they deserved to be played – like the cheap, desperate washed-up rejects they are. I look forward to seeing him play them even more…LOL!

    I did not vote. I’ve come to realize that the American elections are rigged, dirty and corrupt to the core, a gaudy sham show on par with Gerry Springer and the likes of Jimmy Swaggart and Bishop Hillard.

    I’m not buying the “official” elections results that say HC won the popular votes. I call major fraud. But then again, they say Americans would sell their mother for a dime, so HC’s rampant and extreme whoring, selling the country to anyone willing to buy was no big deal then. And in that sense, I guess she won the popular vote since her values aligned with that of popular America. On the other hand, popular America could not stand Trump for revealing their other side – ugly, loud, and obnoxious. That hurts more than selling their mother for a dime. And that folks, are the real fine values American mothers have instilled in their children!

  • Joyce  On 11/22/2016 at 11:27 am

    Like you, Gigi I did not vote. I have stopped doing so a long time ago as I also realized it is all getting into office and securing a cushy job with great pay and excellent benefits for life! Every politician, whether it is for Senator, Legislator, etc. they are all the same..just looking out for their own security,

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