A lot of non-voters are mad at the election results – statistics

A lot of non-voters are mad at the election results…. If only there were something they could have done!

election-statsOf America’s 320-million-odd residents, only about three-quarters are eligible to vote (mostly because they’re over the age of 18). Of the group that could vote in the presidential election, the U.S. Election Project’s Michael McDonald estimates that about 58.1 percent did — meaning that 41.9 percent of eligible Americans didn’t vote last week.

Using the most recent national splits from Cook Political’s Dave Wasserman, that means that Donald Trump was elected president with the support of fewer than 1-in-5 Americans.

So be it. That’s the system. You vote; you shape the government. You stay home, you don’t.  

The Post partnered with the Schar School for Public Policy at George Mason University to survey Americans in the wake of last week’s voting. Among the questions we asked was a simple one: How do you feel about the election of Donald Trump as president? It was an open-ended question, and we noted what people said in response.    [Read more]

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