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Five Ways A Donald Trump Presidency Changes The World

Donald Trump

President-Elect Donald Trump

Five Ways A Donald Trump Presidency Changes The World

WASHINGTON, United States, Wednesday November 9, 2016 – Republican Donald Trump will next January take over from Barack Obama as President of the United States, following an upset victory in yesterday’s election.

After a campaign that saw him announcing controversial policy positions, including on climate change, global trade and immigration, Trump defied pre-election polling to prevent Democrat Hillary Clinton from becoming the first female President of the United States.

In his victory speech, he said he would serve all Americans and called for the country to unite, following the divisive campaign.

But how will his becoming the 45th US President affect America’s relationship with the rest of the world?

Here are five ways, identified by the BBC.    Continue reading

The American People elect the right person to be President – By Ron Persaud

commentaryThe American People elect the right person to be President.

By Ron Persaud

By any measure there have been good, bad and indifferent Presidents; and although I am no student of any kind of History, I feel that each President was right for the prevailing times.

How would I explain two terms of George W. Bush?

The American People were asked to choose between two persons holding equally stellar ‘Resume of Qualifications’. The American People put the matter into the hands of an “HR Dept.” of sorts, the Supreme Court. That was my story and I am still sticking to it.

At the beginning of this election cycle I firmly believed that neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton would occupy the White House because The American People abhor a (Royal) succession as suggested by the former; and a family dynasty as indicated by the latter. After the Democratic and Republican Conventions I was relieved that I was only half-right.

Anyone, it seemed to me, would be better than Donald J. Trump!                          Continue reading

President Donald Trump and The Great Repudiation

President Donald Trump and The Great Repudiation

How the most patently unqualified, the most offensive, personally odious presidential candidate in American history has just been elected president.

donald_trumpBy Robert Freeman

Racism. Nationalism. Misogyny. Anti-Intellectualism. Authoritarianism. Those are Trump’s unapologetic stocks in trade. The only thing we know is that we have experienced a tectonic shift of Rooseveltian proportions, only this time to the right, rather than to the left. 

If ever there was a repudiation of “The Establishment,” this was it.    Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – November 9, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – November 9, 2016