After November 8 – What awaits the Blacks – Letter by Yvonne Sam

After November 8 – What awaits the Blacks

Letter by Yvonne Sam

letters-to-the-editorWell the historic election of the century has come and gone.  What with all the drama!  Thanks to providence, after a truly polluted campaign fraught with name calling, hyperboles, leaks, assaults, death threats, innuendos and vulgarity the American voting populace has chosen between a corrupt presidential candidate that took bribes and another that paid bribes to corrupt politicians. Have tears or display fears, take it or fake it, but Americans have gotten the government they deserve, confirmation of which can be found in Job 3: 25– For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.    

Do not be judgmental or  dismiss the statement as being depressive, as there were Christians who found reasons to justify their vote for either of the nominees by quoting Biblical verses out of context, or by posing the evils of two lessors or lesser of the two evils argument. However, the lingering question is, after the date what is our fate?  What lays in wait?At the risk of sounding prophetic or the portender of doom and gloom, permit me to speak but the future does appears bleak.

During the presidential debates, the nominees were asked what they intended to do in response to the problems facing the Blacks, but then again as a people we did not make appropriate and commensurate demands in that regard. In other words, we heard a lot of rhetoric but no substantive reciprocal relationships with any of the candidates.With topics ranging from the infamous email disposal, tax increase on the wealthiest Americans, ending of Obamacare, putting more money in the pockets of the average American, the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Syrian refugees, to the most important aspect in selecting a Supreme Court judge, there is only one question pertaining to Black folks and it came from a Black man CNN’s Don Lemon. He selected the ridiculous question, “Do Black lives matter ‘or’ do all lives matter?The 2016 presidential campaign has denigrated and  belittled the Black Lives Matter movement, further reminder that although progress has been made, race still mattered.

For Blacks it should matter very little who lives at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue, although we behave as though we possess the power to determine our own political destiny rather than accepting the fact that the inhabitants therein have total control. The political problem now facing the Black community is the blatant lack of political involvement beyond voting, and a displayed failure to build political power based on an economic power base and our reliance on political symbolism over political substance.

Now that a Black president will soon be relegated to past history, our political engagement must be pragmatic and not some simplistic game where Blacks are ignored once their so called precious, much- sought- after votes have fulfilled its objective. The White House irrespective of its occupants should not be symbolic of the Right House, while Blacks are still faced with staggering unemployment, in addition to income and wealth inequality.

Permit me to advance a little further and clearly state that while politics is a reality, Blacks must create a new political reality for themselves. Plainly put in simple terms, or being politically correct it means setting political agendas that serve our purpose and primary interests, and not those of either party-Democrats or Republicans.

It matter little who has won. The time has come to switch from politics to economics.  Now that the election has come to an end, we must to the world at large a clear message send.—no more BLAXPLOITATION   we are putting BLACKONOMICS in motion.

Yvonne Sam

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  • Albert  On 11/10/2016 at 12:13 pm

    Yvonne@ “It matter little who has won. The time has come to switch from politics to economics. Now that the election has come to an end, we must to the world at large a clear message send.—no more BLAXPLOITATION we are putting BLACKONOMICS in motion”

    It seems I have been hearing this kind of message for the past 50 years. America is a money culture but most black people don’t get that message. Trump went to Wharton, a top business school, where he learn how to make money. That’s all he knows and maybe all you need in this country.
    White people are not afraid of black people because most are happy with the crumbs off the table. They feel threatened by the foreigners (Spanish, Asians, Muslims etc.) who they think are taking their country from them.

  • demerwater  On 11/10/2016 at 7:09 pm

    My opinion is that Black People and East Indian People in that South American colony that we know so well, would grow up in impoverished conditions, be motivated to obtain a good education, move away or abroad, buy a ‘property’ and thus maintain a kind of status quo or ‘class’ system, indefinitely. There was the LCP or League of Coloured People, with its very own section of the “Sunday Chronicle”. My father would inspire me with stories of people like Edgar Mortimer Duke; who did his homework under a street light and the watchful eye of his mother who ‘ran a stand’ on the market pavement. He was like a mythical character. I am not going to tell you that I know for sure that some Black People were called “Coloured” because of the British modus operandi – ‘Divide and Rule’; but it is plausible.
    Growing up in Albuoystown, I can recall only one instance of a Black Man (no East Indian Man) doing a good thing for others. Hamilton Green’s father ran a drugstore and operated a ‘penny bank’. Over time I managed to save a little more than a dollar. I was only too happy to take it all out and give it to my mother in a time of need. Pandit Ramsaroop and the Dharam Shala were in a class by themselves.
    Here in the USA it is worse. Everybody is out to screw another. The most recent “Black Lives Matter” held out great promise; but it was quickly smeared as racist – and silenced.
    There is any amount of rhetoric from the pulpit and microphone. If those who can catch fish, will teach those who can’t catch fish, a people may be uplifted.

  • Gigi  On 11/11/2016 at 9:16 am

    The Black Lives Matter movement was a faux movement funded by the very same people who funded the color revolution in Ukraine, Pussy Riots in Russia, the civil war in Syria, some of the so-called Arab Spring in the ME, and similar situations attempted in Hong Kong and elsewhere that were effectively shut down by their respective govts.

    The liberal media promoted a culture of all things ugly associated with Trump. And the very same people who promoted and supported the violent protests to create this situation and feed this perception are the same people now behind the protests taking place over the Trump victory.

    The video below shows what happened to a white male perceived as a Trump supporter. Watching this video gave me a sense of what happened to my mother by the very same kind of people, vicious thugs who should not have been born. I do hope that their lives are short lived so that their species do not get to propagate. The world is already overpopulated as it is.

  • Albert  On 11/12/2016 at 11:16 am

    Gigi:…………”Watching this video gave me a sense of what happened to my mother by the very same kind of people, vicious thugs who should not have been born”
    What did those predominantly white young people do to your mother in Guyana ? The crowds I saw on TV were mostly young whites. You will carry this hate to your grave. Have you really seen or witnessed real racial savagery? Every race has its group of savages.
    Few weeks ago I saw a documentary of a rape of a young medical student in India by a group of men in a bus. They even push metal rods up her vagina. When they were finish with her the doctor gave her a few weeks to live. He could not find a place in her body to attach her damaged organs.
    If we were talking I could tell you of some barbarism in Guyana in the 60’s. What purpose would it serve anyway.

  • guyaneseonline  On 11/12/2016 at 5:19 pm

    What did Donald Trump’s victory teach us all ?

    Well November 8, has come and gone, marking a significant finish to an extraordinarily divisive election which repeatedly gnawed away at and bruised the psyche of the American public at large. Heavens above knows that I am confused as to what has led us to this point, and all further efforts to arrive at even a half decent conclusion only serves to augment my already confused state. For the most part, it is my sincere belief that the acrimony and vitriol that we have witnessed from candidates and supporters alike all along the political spectrum, is symbolic of the disturbingly flagrant split in America between rich and poor, have and have nots.

    Each and every presidential election serves as a referendum that lays bare the issues and problems faced by the voting public and sad but regrettably true this election forced us all tocome to grips with the reality that the opportunities many take for granted are inaccessible to a large segment of other Americans. Do not be lulled into a false sense of complacency in believing that the mourning after November 9, the issues and emotions brought to the forefront during the campaign will suddenly evanesce. Wasted thought! This election laid bare the raw divisions, of race, class and creed.Russia, Mexico and NATO are looking distrustfully at America. Afghanistan and Iraq are unsettled, and ISIS remains unconquered. Obamacare’s future is uncertain. These are all challenges awaiting the new President, ones that he has promised to eradicate once he assumes office.

    For starters, there needs to be an honest assessment of what just happened. There is nothing complicated or mysterious about it all. Once out of the gates Donald Trump howled loud and clear that he was determined to make America great again, a theme that was scoffed at by his rivals even as he continued to be victorious over them. No member of the human species, dwelling on planet earth in America can deny or claim to be unaware as to how the voting populace felt about the current president Barack Hussein Obama. To some people the very sound of his name with the Muslim ring to it was enough to provoke uncontrolled emesis and a wild rush for Gravol and similar anti-nauseants.

    From the beginning to the imminent end of his time in office, he struggled always under the shadow of a failing grade, failing to do that which he had promised during his pre-election campaign and even after. In 2008 he campaigned under the slogan , Yes, we can, and according to general consensus, the President showed that he can send the country down a spiraling slope of decadence and fiscal debts. This election was as much a referendum on the legacy of Barak Obama as it was on the candidates themselves. When people are clamoring for a change, they would never vote for a third term of the current party/ president. Secretary of State Clinton’s promise to continue Obama’s policies was a suicide call to far too many already ailing Americans, and again she was a Clinton when people wanted to move on. Take it or fake it, but a vote for Trump was definitely a vote against Obamacare.

    Trump may have been seen as a political outsider, a dark horse, but he possessed ambition and audacity, an uncanny ability to read the public mood, a keen sense of the American political climate and an unerring ability to discern the vulnerabilities of his rivals. All of these qualities present, sometimes not skillfully dispensed or adequately calibrated but nevertheless caused him to emerge as the President elect of a raucous election.

    Through this election we have learnt that America is divided by ideology and also by identity, that anyone can aspire to be anything they want to be, even President, even holding the highest position in the land, that the news media need to be more like watch dogs and not lap dogs, and that the ethnic votes cannot be taken for granted.

    Let’s put a halt to the ranting and accept the inevitable. Yes, Donald Trump has shocked and stupefied us all, but Americans should cooperate with him and hope that he will shock us once more by repairing the tears in America’s fabric and make her great again

    Yvonne Sam.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 11/13/2016 at 4:39 am

    Hillary Clinton set to receive more votes than any USA presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama

    Democrat on course to trounce Donald Trump in popular vote despite losing election

    Ben Kentish |Independent UK

    Hillary Clinton is on course to receive more votes than any other US presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama – despite losing Tuesday’s election to Donald Trump.

    With the last remaining ballots still being counted, analysts expect the Democrat to pull clear of the new President-elect in the popular vote even though she lost the electoral college tally by some margin.

    At least four million votes are yet to be counted in the Democrat-leaning state of California. These are a combination of postal votes and ballots cast by people whose voting eligibility could not be verified on the day.

    Nate Cohn, an election analyst at the New York Times, estimates that once all votes have been counted, 63.4 million Americans will have voted for Mrs Clinton and 61.2 million for Mr Trump, giving the Democrat a ‘winning’ margin of 1.5 per cent.

    That total would be more than the votes received by any other presidential candidate in history except for President Obama in 2008 and 2012.

    The total number of votes cast is expected to easily exceed the 129 million from 2012.

    However, it is not the overall number of votes cast for each candidate that matters in the USA presidential elections but the number of votes in the electoral college, which sees each state assigned a number of college votes that go to the candidate who wins the public vote in that state.

    Mr Trump won the Electoral College after unexpectedly taking states such as Michigan and Wisconsin that had previously been part of the Democrat’s “firewall” of safe states.

    He finished with 306 Electoral College voters to Mrs Clinton’s 232. More than 270 are needed to win the presidency, giving Mr Trump a comfortable margin.

    The nature of the Electoral College has led some people to suggest Ms Clinton could still become president if electors vote against the instructions given to them by the electorate in their state.

    There have been 157 of these so-called “FAITHLESS ELECTORS” throughout history but they have never overturned an election result and it is NOT likely to happen this year.

    The unusually high number of votes cast for Ms Clinton is partly due to the rising population of the USA, WHICH APPEARS TO UNDERMINE SUGGESTIONS – that compared to previous candidates – she failed to inspire voters.

    The sizeable margin by which Ms Clinton looks likely to win the popular vote will also fuel controversy about the fairness of the Electoral College system.

    Tuesday’s election – the fourth in which a candidate has lost the popular vote and still won the presidency – has prompted renewed calls for the electoral college to be abolished in favour of a pure first-past-the-past system.

    One petition demanding the Electoral College is scrapped has attracted more than 700,000 signatures while another has over 300,000.

    Donald Trump himself had previously called the Electoral College “a disaster for democracy” after mistakenly thinking that President Barack Obama had lost the popular vote in 2012 but retained the presidency.

    One reason the electoral college was created was to ensure no single region of the USA could dominate, such as the North out-voting the South along old Civil War lines, for example.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 11/13/2016 at 4:41 am

    Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once said ……

    “The things you see from here, you don’t see from there,” explaining the difference in perspective when you head up your nation’s government.

    Donald Trump is about to find out – what Hillary Clinton already knows!!

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