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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – November 04, 2016

Guyana: LATEST NEWS – 04 November 2016 – Kaieteur News… (see other News sources at the end of this entry)

Just A Test: Barbados Says No Agreement On Taking Water From Suriname

Just A Test: Barbados Says No Agreement On Taking Water From Suriname

bwaBRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday November 3, 2016 – The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) had admitted that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Suriname company Amazone Resources, which is preparing to ship two million litres of surface water this month.

But it insists it has not reached any agreement with the company to actually deliver water to the island.

Last Thursday, an article published by the Trinidad Newsday paper claimed the deal was reached with the Barbados government since April 2015. But the BWA said it was the government agency, and not the government itself, that had signed the agreement last month.

According to the BWA, Amazone Resources approached the authority in 2014 to participate and collaborate in investigating the feasibility of transporting freshwater from Suriname by barges that were designed in Holland and constructed in Spain to be tested.    Continue reading

Brexit court case: Who is Guyana-born Gina Miller

Brexit court case: Who is Gina Miller? – she wins case!

Gina Miller Gina Miller has stressed her challenge is not an attempt to overturn the referendum decision

Investment manager Gina Miller has been the lead claimant in the case to get Parliament to vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU – but who is she?

Ms Miller, 51, is an investment manager and philanthropist who was born in Guyana but grew up in Britain, co-founding the investment firm  in 2009.

She launched True and Fair with her hedge fund manager husband, Alan, which campaigns against mis-selling and hidden fund charges in the City of London’s fund management industry.    Continue reading

Five Countries In The Caribbean Where Its Harder To Start A Business

Five Countries In The Caribbean Where Its Harder To Start A Business

Published on Oct 31 2016, at 8:26 pm


By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Tues. Nov. 1, 2016:  Trying to start a business in the Caribbean? Five countries in the region scored below 100 on the latest World Bank Group’s ‘Doing Business’ rankings for 2017. They are: 1: Haiti  2: Suriname 3: Grenada  4: St. Kitts And Nevis  5: Guyana

1: Haiti

Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, scored the lowest on the Doing Business Ranks for the entire Caribbean, according to the World Bank report. The country ranked 181st globally out of 190, scoring just 38.66 out of 100 on the score card that measured regulation that affects  small  and  medium-size  enterprises  operating  in  the  largest  business  city  of  an  economy across  11  areas including starting a business, dealing with  construction  permits,  getting  electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting    minority    investors,    paying    taxes,  trading  across  borders,  enforcing  contracts  and  resolving  insolvency.     Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – November 3, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – November 3, 2016