GCA- Guyana Cultural Association of New York – Aug-Sep 2016 e-Magazine

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. e-Magazine August-September 2016

Download: gca-august-september-2016-e-magazine

gcaIN THIS ISSUE  – PAGE 3: My name is Ava   PAGE 4-9: GCA – Report Card   PAGE 10: Literary Mart     PAGE 11: Children’s Village   PAGE 13: Gyaff with Bert Carter     PAGE 14-15: Kwe Kwe Nite  PAGE 18: Dr. Patricia Cambridge in recital     PAGE 19: BAC at Family Fun Day.     PAGE 20: Awards 2016     PAGE 22-24: National Dance Company of Guyana    PAGE 25-26: Poem: I’m a Guyanese    PAGE 28-31: Emancipation     PAGE 33: Ron Bobb-Semple

Guest Editor Eric Phillips   Cover Design Claire Goring & Ashton Franklin.    Copy Editors- Edgar Henry, Lear Matthews Layout and Design by Claire A. Goring & Ashton Franklin.      

Contributors: Dr. Vibert Cambridge, Ronald Lammy,  T. Eric Matthews, Ave Brewster-Haynes, Juliet Emanuel, Rose October-Edun, Kwesi Oginga, Ronald Lammy.  Photography: Dmitri Allicock, Vibert Cambridge, Michael Hadaway, Rose October-Edun.

GCA Media Team Ave Brewster-Haynes (Chairperson), Juliet Emanuel, Edgar Henry, Lear Matthews, Claire A. Goring, Ashton Franklin, Margaret Lawrence, Gail A. Nunes, Francis Quamina Farrier.

Please join our Facebook group, Website: www.guyfolkfest.org,  GCA Secretariat -1368 E.89 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236 Tel: 800-774-5762

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