US election: Who won the first debate? – Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

US election: Who won the first debate?

It was a battle between the lawyer and the salesman, and for the most part the lawyer came out on top.

It may be hard to remember, but before Mrs Clinton was a secretary of state, or a senator or a first lady, she was a lawyer – and, by all regards, a talented one.

And after all these years, she still campaigns like one. Meticulous, cautious, controlled. What works in the courtroom, with its rules and customs, often doesn’t fly in free-wheeling political debates, however. 

Mr Trump, on the other hand, is the consummate salesman. Rules, tradition, even the truth are only relevant in so much as they help seal the deal.  [Read more]

Post-debate poll: Hillary Clinton takes round one – CNN report

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  • Deen  On 09/27/2016 at 3:48 pm

    Preparation! Preparation!! Preparation!!!
    It was all about preparation for the debate and who is better qualified to be the next president of the USA.
    It was obvious from the debate, and even before, who the better candidate is to be President.
    Donald was the loser in the debate and will be the loser in the presidential .election.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/27/2016 at 7:56 pm

    Hillary: Here’s What You Need To Do To Ace The Debate

    by Carla Sorey-Reed – The Guardian UK

    You can’t win an election with a debate, but you can certainly lose one. And with the polls this close, the candidates’ task is not about preaching to the choir; it’s about capturing that elusive 10% that will ultimately decide the election.

    There are nervous Democrats all over the country. I know because I am one. As a black woman with a black husband and son, I deem a Donald Trump presidency a very real threat to my lifeblood and livelihood. I also work as a speaker coach, and was part of a team hired to train podium speakers at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. I worked closely with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Angela Bassett, Senator Cory Booker, and Governor Howard Dean.

    I’m not advising Hillary, but if I were, here’s what I’d say to her.

    The Audience will be Emotionally Fact Checking

    You have staff aplenty making sure you know what to say about your campaign platforms, policy stances, and social positions. But here’s the catch.

    People can read the what. We’re watching the debates to see and hear the how: how you interact with your opponent, with the host, and with us, the audience. We’re emotionally fact checking. What about you represents us?

    I’ve heard it said that you’re not a natural public speaker. But you’re a good conversationalist, and you know what? Public speaking and holding a conversation aren’t that far apart. Trust yourself as a communicator. SHRINK THE ROOM.

    Use the Power of Storytelling

    In a memorable video, shown at the Democratic National Convention, you spoke of your mother being left home alone overnight at age four and walking by herself to a corner café to get food. You took your time, you allowed the details of the story to unfold, your emotion was contained yet visible, and through the natural pauses and silences of storytelling, you were able to transfer ownership of the universality of the emotion to the audience – all in 30 seconds.

    That story is the cornerstone of my understanding of who you are. You created something more meaningful and stickier than any sound bite – a story bite.

    Practice concise stories about yourself or specific individuals that you’ve met on the campaign trail that you can share during the debate to dovetail back into your message. And a bonus: STORIES ARE VERY HARD TO INTERRUPT.

    Put Trump in a Trick Bag

    This one’s a little harder, but it would be a thing of beauty if you could provoke Trump into putting his thin-skinned quick temper or flip-flopping on full display.

    Perhaps in response to a question about gun control: “What kind of person brags that he could shoot someone and not lose voters?”

    If Trump accuses you of playing “the woman card” – own it! We want to see the “grace and grit” that Meryl Streep referred to when speaking of you at the convention. Seize control of the game: “In case you haven’t noticed Donald, it’s the hand I was dealt. I’ve played it all my life, sometimes with long odds, which makes the victories won even sweeter.”

    Do Eye Contact – Well

    During the October 3, 2012, presidential debate, Barack Obama assumed he was off-camera and could safely study his notes while Mitt Romney was answering a question. Instead, Obama was televised non-stop on a split screen. That night, we learned that looking down, even when not speaking, does not inspire confidence.

    Looking down only rarely suggests humility or gathering one’s thoughts. Instead, when the stakes are high, looking down is more likely to be interpreted as a lack of confidence or commitment to what you’re saying – or condescension, remorse or guilt. None of that is what you’re aiming for in the debate, so keep your head up. Head UP, not Chin UP – there’s a difference.

    Remember Who This Is About

    Most of all, Hillary, remember that the debate is not about Donald. It’s not even about you. It’s about us. Just talk to us. And let us see that you’re enjoying the conversation.

    You may check out the article in its entirety in The Guardian UK

    If I may add: You may develop your own score card, but the “BIRTHER” issue is huge for me and any thinking person. It goes to the core of black history in the USA and Canada, I believe.

    In the days of slavery, any white man or white gang could accost a black man and challenge him to declare his identity or ask ‘who was his owner?’ under pain of a lynching – a slow painful death for just walking on the side of the road.

    Or, more recently in apartheid South Africa, a black man could be challenged to show his “reference book” or “passport” under pain of a fine or imprisonment.

    Then, here comes Donald J Trump to subject the President of the USA and the Free World to this same humiliation for the past five years or so – even after President Obama publicly submitted his birth certificate – it just was NOT enough for Donald J Trump and his base. …. Hillary invoked the storytelling concept cited above with surgical precision, in my mind.

    No self-respecting person would subject themselves to a Trump-Presidency!

    Listen to Hillary Clinton:

  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/27/2016 at 8:20 pm

    In the beginning: Rosie Versus Trump

  • Malcolm Heydorn  On 09/29/2016 at 1:07 pm

    It is people like you, blind, illiterate, numb-skulled, that are putting Black people into the depths of despair, a sense of uselessness, an inclination to murder their own kind, and a mentality that would make it extremely difficult to pivot away from thoughts of ancestral slavery. At the present time and for decades, they have fallen prey to the voodoo impact of the democrats and crooked Hillary, and with such “verbal bilge” as yours encouraging them, they are most likely to remain in the gutters. Have a life lady, have a brain wash at the carwash.

    • Thinker  On 10/01/2016 at 11:36 am

      You are, of course, adding absolutely nothing to the discussion. Ad hominem/feminam arguments say nothing. You can easily give advice to Trump to nullify her comments.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/29/2016 at 5:52 pm

    Trump Vows to ‘Hit Clinton Harder’ Next Time – Trump Threatens to Talk About Bill Clinton’s Infidelity [or so say the headlines]

    Republican Donald Trump vowed on Tuesday to hit rival Democrat Hillary Clinton harder in the next USA Presidential debate after she put him on the defensive by accusing him of being racist, sexist and a tax dodger during their first match-up.

    So, Chelsea Clinton is probably thinking – don’t let fear hold you back, Mister Trump – It’s a tradition, every time Donald Trump has gone after my Mom or my parents it is only a distraction from his inability to talk about what is really at stake in this election ….

    – the people want to see concrete, comprehensive proposals to address the plight of the middle class and students in general
    – this elections is about the people and NOT Donald Trump
    – this elections is about the school system and debt-free college education
    – this elections is about keeping our country safe and Americans safe at home and around the world.

    The tack Donald Trump used to sail through – and rally his base within the Republican-Tea Party primaries – to get himself elected as the Republican presidential candidate is not gaining much traction from right-thinking Americans.

    Bill Clinton was married ONCE – and is still married to the current Presidential candidate; former First Lady of a State; First Lady of the USA and the Free World; USA Senator; USA Secretary of State; successful attorney and much, much more.

    Where does it say something about “We the People ….?”

    – This elections let’s talk about our future together – We’re Stronger Together.

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