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Can Trump Win? – By Ron Cheong

Can Trump Win?

By: Ron Cheong – September 25, 2016

Not Mexican but Berlin Wall

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

If Donald Trump wins the US elections, he will not need his wall to keep out undocumented workers, murderers and rapists.  But he may well need it to keep in those who can from fleeing his version of the United States of America.

Ironically, the most powerful country in the world, one that sees itself as holding the moral high ground, bringing pressure on regimes around the world to uphold human rights, open markets and democracy; somehow finds itself in a dilemma in which an unprincipled, duplicitous, candidate stands within a hair’s breadth of becoming the 45th president of the United States of America.  In so doing he would become the successor to one of the most respected statesmen of the modern era.      Continue reading

2016 US Presidential Elections: Candidates on Overturning Citizens United

By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision


Since the 2008 victory of Citizens United, a political action group, corporations share the same right to free speech as we the people. With their right to pay for electioneering communications in federal elections, Big Money now wields immense power on who gets elected and what laws and regulations are approved or not.

Here’s how our candidates stand on overturning Citizens United to reclaim our democracy.

Hillary Clinton – Democratic Party

There’s no question that we need to make Washington work much better than it does today. And that means, in particular, getting unaccountable money out of politics… That’s why I’m so passionate about the issue and I will fight hard to end the stranglehold that the wealthy and special interests have on so much of our government.
~ Hillary Clinton on Campaign Finance Reform, June 2016

Learn more and watch a video clip on “Hillary’s Fight Against Citizens United”…

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Charlestown Alumni Association of NY – Dance – October 15, 2016

     Download: charlestown-alumni-asso-of-NY-dance-Oct-15-2016


GUYANA TODAY: Is so de place get now Banna! – By Maurice Bryan


–  By Maurice Bryan …..  for the Guyanese Online Blog

Guyana map

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I arrived in Guyana about a month after the celebrations  on May 26, 2016, marking 50 years of independence from direct colonial rule. People seemed to be still basking in the afterglow of the big party.

Traces of the event were still very evident. Everything looked bright and clean and freshly painted. Moreover, just like the lights and Christmas decorations left hanging outside some houses long after the season ends, Guyana flags and buntings and multicolored lengths of fabric were still ‘vestigially’ fluttering and flapping everywhere.

It was as if people realized that removing all the drapery and streamers and logos would force them to return to a normal much less colorful everyday reality–with all of its associated challenges.    Continue reading

Chris Hayes on the Twilight of the Elites and the End of Meritocracy

Chris Hayes on the Twilight of the Elites and the End of Meritocracy

By Julian Brookes July 11, 2012 – Rolling Stone Magazine

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes

If history is “one damned thing after another,” the short history of 21st-Century America looks like one damned gigantic clusterfuck. First, and worst, national security and intelligence failures enabled the 9/11 terrorist attack, the largest mass murder on the continent in the nation’s history. Then came Enron, a colossal fraud and the largest corporate bankruptcy ever. Next we had the pointless and devastating Iraq war, the biggest foreign policy disaster since Vietnam.

At mid-decade, we watched a major American city, New Orleans, drown on national television, killing a thousand people. A few years later, the housing bubble popped, wiping out trillions of dollars of wealth and precipitating the largest financial crisis in 70 years and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.      Continue reading

Guyana: A Chinese contractor carried coals to Newcastle – By Adam Harris

When a Chinese contractor in Guyana carried coals to Newcastle

 Sep 25, 2016  – Kaieteur News – Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Adam Harris

Opinion - commentary -analysisIt is amazing how much Guyanese imitate the rich ion the developed world and how little they are prepared to work for their own development. It is also remarkable how people take us for granted and attempt to do us everything possible under the sun.

I already expressed gross disappointment at the fact that we are importing even drinking water when we have no ends of bottled water companies in Guyana, some of them so large that we cannot use all the water they would produce.   Continue reading

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