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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – September 25, 2016

Guyana: LATEST NEWS – 25 September 2016 – Kaieteur News… (see other News sources at the end of this entry) 

The Demise of West Indian Cricket – commentary


West Indies cricketMaybe to those of a certain age, popularly referred to as the millennial generation, sometimes as millennials, or frequently as the quizzically titled Generation Y, it may merely be classed as the stuff of legend, but there was indeed a time when our regional team stood at the apex of the cricketing world; when most fans in the region stayed awake all night to follow the commentary when we played in Australia; when people walked with transistor radios glued to their ears, inevitably requested time and again to provide some inquiring stranger with the latest score; when schools were granted an entire day off during local Test matches and when it seemed that all was right with the region and, indeed, the world.

Alas, these times have changed significantly and what was once our passion has now become enveloped in a pall of disinterest consistent with much else in the region besides; a disinterest that even our two successive triumphs in the lottery of World T20 cricket competitions have been unable to diffuse.       Continue reading

Stabroek Market – Georgetown. Guyana – video

Stabroek Market – Georgetown. Guyana – video

Parental anger grows as ‘Children are bored out of their skulls with real life’- commentary

Why parents are getting angrier: ‘Children are bored out of their skulls with real life’

By Nicola Skinner – The Guardian UK


Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher shows parents how to deal with their rage. He’s busier than ever – partly because children would rather be on social media or gaming

It’s hard to know the difference between parenting and bullying,” admits Matt, father of two and one of a growing number of parents seeking help to control what they see as unacceptable levels of anger towards their children. Matt is an articulate and successful self-employed businessman in his 40s. After he split up from their mother five years ago, his two sons, then 11 and 14, started to act up by answering back, skipping homework, drinking and taking drugs. It marked the start of a phase of intense anger for Matt, who eventually sought help.      Continue reading

Guyana Government – The preservation of Indigenous Heritage – September 22, 2016

Government in Action – The preservation of Indigenous Heritage – September 22, 2016

Ministry of the Presidency, Guyana  – Published on Sep 23, 2016

Welcome to Government in Action, a weekly programme giving insight into the projects and events occurring around the country as the Government works to advance its development agenda for the good of all Guyanese.

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