Guyana– Latest News from various sources – September 8, 2016

Guyana: LATEST NEWS – 08 September 2016 – Kaieteur News… (see other News sources at the end of this entry) 

In light of breached agreements…Gov’t moves to seize all BaiShanLin’s forest concessions

Sep 07, 2016  KNews  News – In its first major strike to stamp out lawlessness and regain control of the forestry sector, the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) yesterday announced that it is moving to repossess over 600,000… Read more

BaiShanLin: A track record of wrongdoing

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News – One day after Government announced that it was seizing the forest concessions of BaiShanLin International Forest Development Inc. for failing to honor commitments, there is news that the Chinese…Read More

Guyanese horror story at Barbados airport

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News – In the wake of recent allegations by a Jamaican of mistreatment at the hands of immigration officers while detained at Barbados’ Grantley Adams Airport, a pregnant Guyanese has said she suffered… .. Read More     

Massive gold production masking Guyana’s economic decline – Opposition

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News  The gold sector has delivered a remarkable performance thus far for 2016. In fact, a holistic view of that sector along with other revenue earners would give the impression that the economy seems to…Read More

Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches probe into ambassador’s background

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News  Following reports that Guyana has appointed a convicted felon as Ambassador to Kuwait, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge has said an investigation has been launched to ascertain the accuracy…Read More

SARA’s powers to snoop around citizens’ private accounts worrying

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News  -Agency poses danger to Constitutional rights – Private Sector Ensuring that citizens’ banking information is protected and only seen by the authorized bodies has been an issue … Read More

Watch out fuh some deal or de other

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  Dem Boys SehFeatures / ColumnistsNews   – As old people does seh, “De longest rope got an end.” BaiShanLin was a long rope, but de end reach de other day when Soulja Bai tek a decision to tek back all dem lands that BaiShanLin get by…Read More

Disputed ‘Medical School’ not registered, should not have begun enrolment

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News – Nat’l Accreditation Council The North Shore Medical Institute, which is located on Lamaha Street, Georgetown, is now under intense scrutiny since the Administrator – who goes by several…Read More

Envoy urges Government to finance execution of modern drainage model

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News –  …as Dutch University students present report The Government of Guyana yesterday received a modernized hydraulic drainage model, from the team of seven Dutch Master’s students of Read More

Doctors and nurses in hinterland regions trained to detect leprosy

Sep 08, 2016  KNews  News – In an effort to detect and manage leprosy, a workshop is currently being held for doctors and nurses from several hinterland districts at the Ministry of Public Health’s Skin Clinic, located in the…Read More


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  • Myrtle C. Carter  On 09/08/2016 at 12:12 pm

    Thank you President Grainger & Cabinet at your move to repossess 600,000 hectares of our land from the BaiShanLin cartel; this was a long time coming: this is truly a time for rejoicing.
    May God continue to bless you & your Cabinet as you continue to lead Guyana forward.

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