GCA New York – Dr. Patricia Cambridge Piano Recital – Brooklyn – Sept 1, 2016

From Dr. Vibert Cambridge – GCA New York – Dr. Patricia Cambridge Piano Recital – Sept 1, 2016.

Dear Friend,Dr. Violet Cambridge Piano Recital

It is my special pleasure to invite you to my wife Pat’s piano recital at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, NY on September 1. (See attachment.)

This recital is one of the events in the Guyana Cultural Association’s 15th annual Guyana Folk Festival season.  It will include music from Pat’s solo piano album, Piano Improvisations. The album contains beautiful renditions of the Guyanese songs “My Native Land,” “Let Us Cooperate,” “To The Hibiscus,” “Itanami,” and “Sitira Gal.”

Pat’s unique improvisational style reflects her classical training and love of jazz.  She is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory, but she began her studies in Guyana, where she won the Phillip Pilgrim Memorial Harp and other prizes for musical excellence.   

Pat was the youngest ever accompanist for the Woodside Choir and was also organist and choir director of Trinity Methodist Church.  She was also director of music for the Mass Games.

Pat made a career shift and has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a university professor after completing her Ph.D. in mass communication.  But she continues to play the piano and has become known in Athens, OH, where we live, for her wonderful improvisations.

I hope you can attend.  I also hope you will share this invitation with friends and family.


Vibert C. Cambridge, A.A., Ph.D.

Download Flyer: Dr. Patricia Cambridge Piano Recital – Sept 1, 2016



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