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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – July 26, 2016

Guyana: LATEST NEWS – 26 July 2016 – Kaieteur News… (see other News sources at the end of this entry)

Jagdeo spews racism in New York, Govt demands a retraction

Jagdeo spews racism in New York, Govt demands a retraction

Jul 26, 2016 – Kaieteur News

Bharrat Jagdeo

Bharrat Jagdeo

In a recording that has been circulated widely on social media, Jagdeo told an attentive gathering that currently in Guyana, “there’s an assault on our democracy, there’s an assault on people of Indian origin, there’s an assault on supporters of the PPP (People’s Progressive Party).
What we thought would never return to Guyana, in just one short year has returned with full force, and even worse in some regards than the Burnham era.”

He spoke of a state of affairs where people’s transported lands are being “snatched” and “140 new taxes were increased”. This development, he disclosed, has been targeting the rural poor, who are mainly the supporters of the PPP.   Continue reading

USA Elections: The Democratic Party Convention – Day 1: July 25, 2016

Michelle Obama

A tumultuous first day of the Democratic National Convention is in the books. Fix Boss Chris Cillizza watched, tweeted and, candidly, ate and drank. (Hey, it was a long day.)

His take on the best and worst of the night that was is below.


* Michelle Obama: An absolute home run. Period. It will be difficult for anyone in the next three days to deliver a better speech than the first lady did on Monday night. She used her personal story of raising two young African American girls in the White House to tie her husband’s history-making presidency to the history-making bid of Hillary Clinton. She was poised, calm and convincing. When she teared up talking about what it would mean to her, Malia and Sasha to see a woman elected president, it was an instantly memorable moment. Watch it here.

Watch the full report here: http://link.washingtonpost.com/view/57742a14e661f094218b51424b45k.f1o/7693238c

Guyana Government News Brief – July 25, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – July 25, 2016

Guyana 411 – July 22, 2016 – Hague Conference on Child Protection

GINA logoGuyana 411 – July 22, 2016 –  Hague Conference on Child Protection

The Real Reason American Jews Won’t Be Voting for Trump – By Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

The Real Reason American Jews Won’t Be Voting for Trump


Trump vs Clinton

The Republican nominee’s race-based nationalism, his anti-Semitic innuendos, his position on Israel and his attacks on Muslims and immigrants are all deeply offensive. But that’s not what’s panicking most U.S. Jews.

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie – Haaretz

It is distinctly dispiriting, in my view, to watch our national political life become a giant reality show. For that reason, I am relieved that the Republican National Convention is finally over. It subjected us to an even larger dose of what we have been experiencing since Donald J. Trump entered the presidential race. Many things happened at the convention, but a sober consideration of the issues was not among them.        Continue reading

The Caribbean needs a full response to Brexit – By David Jessop

The Caribbean needs a full response to Brexit
Published on July 23, 2016 – By David Jessop
David Jessop

David Jessop

Earlier this month, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of government met in Georgetown, Guyana. Among the many issues they considered was Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Their focus was on a secretariat paper largely intended for information.

While they recognised the British people’s decision represented a watershed in world affairs with far-reaching and long-lasting geopolitical and geo-economic repercussions, they decided that the best approach was to monitor developments as the process unfolds. [Read more]

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