Guyanese surgeon wants to give back at home – By Tangerine Clarke

Guyanese surgeon wants to give back at home – By Tangerine Clarke

Photo: Dr. Horace Griffith displays his 21st Century Leadership Now Award after a ceremony in Guyana.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Horace Griffith, is hopeful that with this new Guyana government in place, he would get an opportunity to return to his homeland to made a significant contribution, doing what he is passionate about — performing reconstructive surgery to help patients live a normal life.

Because of the type of oral care he received while growing up in Guyana, Dr. Griffith wanted to give back to his country after becoming a surgeon, but said his requests met resistance from the previous government. However, he sees a new opportunity to realize his dream to share his skills in his homeland.   

Based in St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands, Dr. Griffith, a Howard University educated dentist said he is determine to give back to his birthplace. Since speaking with new Minister of Health, Dr. George Norton, to whom he expressed his thoughts as to how he could help the Guyanese people, he is optimistic that he will would receive that important call to begin his tour of duty in the Republic.  [Read more]

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