Watch and learn: the hidden messages in children’s movies

Watch and learn: the hidden messages in children’s movie

2013, FROZENHANS & ANNA Film 'FROZEN' (2013) Directed By CHRIS BUCK & JENNIFER LEE 20 November 2013 SAE18990 Allstar Collection/DISNEY **WARNING** This photograph is the copyright of DISNEY & can only be reproduced by newspaper & magazine TV guides in conjunction with the promotion of the above film. A Mandatory Credit To DISNEY must also be printed. For Printed Editorial Use Only, NO online or internet use.

Allegorical? … Frozen.

Ever suspected Frozen was more than a simple singalong? Have the false promises of Emerald City ever rung alarm bells? Here are nine family flicks that have been mined for underlying meaning.

The Secret Life of Pets: black lives matter

Thought the current box office smash was just Toy Story with poodles and hamsters? Think again. A prominent political science professor suggests Chris Renaud’s movie is in fact a hamfisted metaphor for racial oppression.    

With his cri de coeur of “revolution forever, domestication never”, angry rabbit Snowball (Kevin Hart) isn’t just moaning about being kicked out of a warm, cosy cage to roam the streets. Look closely and – maybe – you’ll find a raging furnace of fury centred on the mistreatment of African-Americans by mainstream white society.   [Read more] 

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  • Gigi  On 07/20/2016 at 8:39 pm

    Subliminal messages can be interpreted to fit any narrative. People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. I haven’t seen half of these movies mentioned but I did write a paper years ago on ignorance in the Wizard of Oz. My interpretation was that Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow all wanted something they each possess but were too naive to realize it. In researching Wizard of Oz, I found out that it was based on Chicago politics at the time and still present today – that great bastion of corrupt liberal mob politics. And that the author, Frank L Baum, used this genre to avoid persecution/repercussion. He was politically engaged and was an advisor and speech writer for one of America’s presidents.

    “angry rabbit Snowball (Kevin Hart) isn’t just moaning about being kicked out of a warm, cosy cage to roam the streets.”

    Yep! I did have a feeling that the whole angry Black diatribe surrounding Black Lives Matter was a result of being kicked off the warm, cosy cage of the plantation and having to roam the street and make it on their own like the rest of hardworking society. Indentured servants not only did not enjoy such luxuries, theirs was conditional. They were only indentured during the best years of their lives. Why go to the expense and trouble of owning a horse when you can rent one for far less and without the troubles? I guess the White man looked at Africa and thought enslaving people was cheap and easy because in a hot climate, the expense was minimal. Having them barely covered, sleeping under a thatched roof, and hunting their own food was very cheap iindeed. But that kind of living was not feasible in a country with below freezing temperatures and months of snow covered fields that cannot be cultivated. Not to mention the additional expense of having to clothe and keep them warn and fed during these months. That environment can definitely lead many to convince themselves that their were special even when reality said different – they were not treated as family or allowed to marry anyone in the family, though some were treated better than others. That would explain the narcissism and undeserved sense of entitlement brainwashed into the Black Lives Matter movement.

    I guess the culling going on between the two groups that have over estimated their importance and overplayed their worth is good news for the rest of society that have to put up with their existence. In all fairness though, not all police officers are thugs and not all blacks are either. But I have met more blacks than police officers and I have to say that I like police officers more than blacks. I do hope they have David Hinds in their sights. If he hasn’t hightailed back to Guyana already. He is one of them that fuels this ugly racism and screams fowl at the top of his voice while cloaking himself in victimhood. Utterly pathetic creature!

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