Your World from Space: from the ISS-International Space Station

         We’ll show you the planet, and open your world.

[earth-cast] Urthecast: Your World from the ISS-Int’l Space Station

UrtheCast Gallery

Paris, France

Paris by design Paris, France, captured by Iris What looks to be a wild web of streets is, in reality, an urban planning marvel. Check out this amazing Iris video of the Arc de Triomphe, as well as Deimos-2 imagery of the entire City of Light…..  See more  >

Toronto, Canada

Toronto the good – Toronto, Canada, captured by Deimos-2

Toronto receives more than its fair share of frowns from the rest of Canada, but to the rest of the world, this city is known for its culture, hustle, beauty, and being ‘the best place to live in the world’. Here’s a bit of proof, from space…  See more  >

San Diego, California

San Diego and Coronado, the Emerald City – Coronado, California, captured by Deimos-2

Over a bridge and across the bay from San Diego sits Coronado, a charming tourist town. It’s home to the Hotel del Coronado, which is believed to have inspired Oz’s Emerald City.   See more  >

Saharan Dunes

A Saharan sea of dunes – Erg de Bilma, Niger, captured by Theia

This sea of sand dunes, known as the Grand Erg de Bilma, is found in the Sahara Desert near Bilma, Niger, in what’s called the Ténéré desert region.  See more  >


New data coming to the UrthePlatform, from Sentinel-2 and Deimos-2

We’re excited to announce that two new datasets will soon be available for our thousands of current, and future, UrthePlatform users. ....Learn more  >

Fort McMurray

How Terrabotics became the first to report on Fort Mac’s wildfire

On the morning of May 6, Fort McMurray, Alberta, was engulfed in a wildfire. That’s when Dan Plant of Terrabotics called us at his wits’ end. He needed imagery, and fast.  Learn more  >

Texas Farmland

Deimos-1 + Landsat = 🔎 🌱 💚

Now, for the first time, Deimos-1 data joins Landsat 8 and Theia datsets on our UrthePlatform. Learn More  >

Space Concordia

Led by UrtheCast co-op, Concordia clinches Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

Space is hard — a fact that the entire space industry can attest to. Like the rest of the space sector, this young team overcame a series of critical challenges before claiming top spot. … Learn More >

CSA President

Canadian Space Agency president talks space business, exploration, and Mars

“Space is in state of flux. It’s going to be a really good ride,” said CSA President, Sylvain Laporte, as he addressed the Vancouver Board of Trade ’The Economy of Space.’  …  Learn more >

Egypt Video

IFLScience: ‘Stop what you’re doing and watch these glorious Ultra-UHD videos of Earth from Space’

“Let us tell you now, when you watch these videos, make sure you switch to full screen mode. Good? Good.”…. Read More >

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  • Clyde Duncan  On 07/11/2016 at 8:45 am

    UrtheCast is a Vancouver, Canada company. There is another company in Richmond, British Columbia who developed the radar technology to see through clouds. I recall this was around the time of the first Iraq war. They had to cancel bombing raids because of clouds, when this company shortly after that event, announced they had the radar for the job. MacDonald Dettwiler, a good Scottish name.

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