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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – June 28, 2016

Guyana: LATEST NEWS – 28 June 2016 – Kaieteur News

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Gold roars past 300,000 ounces – production projected beyond 600,000 ounces for 2016

Jun 28, 2016  – Kaieteur News 

 Government is aiming to top the 600,000 ounces mark for gold declaration this year with the first half showing encouraging signs.
As of June 22, last, around 315,000 ounces have been declared for the year so far, with Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, stressing yesterday that contributions from the small and medium scale miners have been significant.

Of course, the two large players have been strong with Canadian-owned Guyana Goldfields Inc. targeting 75,000 ounces for the first half.
“Things are looking very positive. As you know, oil prices are going up. Gold has gone up significantly and we are looking to crest that 600,000 annual mark.”

Minister Raphael Trotman

Minister Raphael Trotman

That revised target will be significant, by any means. Last year, Guyana surged to 451,000 ounces despite a four-year low in gold prices.
An ambitious 550,000 ounces was set for this year but it looks this will be easily surpassed.   Continue reading

Xenophobia won it for BREXIT….the reality of Donald Trump terrifies me – Lauren Puckett – Independent UK

Xenophobia won it for BREXIT. As an American facing the reality of Donald Trump, that terrifies me

At least for now, Britain is my home. I care about this country, and it’s devastating to see it pummelled with such turmoil. This could have been avoided – and in the USA, it still can be

Brexit leave logoLauren Puckett  Independent UK

Well, the unthinkable happened. After a remarkably divisive campaign, Leave pulled out ahead of Remain during the June 23rd referendum, clinching a victory for BREXIT. Bye Bye, EU. Britain doesn’t want its mother hen anymore.  Shortly afterward, David Cameron resigned as PM, the pound plummeted, Scotland announced a second independence referendum, social media exploded and in general all hell broke loose.

What a time to be an American living in London.

I could try the easy route: detach from the drama. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Forget that the repercussions of BREXIT will send shockwaves across the entire world, rattling the economy and making the immigration debate an even dodgier tripwire than it is already. I’m an American. All I should be worried about is where I’ll be purchasing sandwiches for my 4th of July picnic, right?  

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.    ….. Continue reading

Guns in America and the Washington Talkathon – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Guns in America and the Washington Talkathon

No to GunsBy Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Here’s a suggestion: Let gun control be the main policy issue in the 2016 presidential elections. In this way the American public will get the chance to decide on policies regarding gun control. The voters will have the opportunity to send a clear message to the gun lobby and the politicians as to how they feel about the proliferation of guns in America. Unless guns become the focus of policy there will be the usual babble and waffle as lives are lost in the pile up of tragedies.

Orlando is the latest tragedy. There are broken bodies and spirits. Tons of newsprint report on the pain from every angle and the politicians from Washington keep popping up on the screens. These are the people we elected to represent us; we put our faith in them to carry on the business of the country.   Continue reading

Caribbean implications as the UK bids Europe farewell – By David Jessop

Caribbean implications as the UK bids Europe farewell – By David Jessop

By David Jessop  – Published on June 25, 2016

David Jessop

David Jessop

On June 23, by a small majority, the British people voted to remove themselves from the European Union (EU). The decision has consequences for the Caribbean.
After a vitriolic campaign and the tragic murder of one member of Parliament, a hugely divided Britain decided by 52 percent to 48 percent that it would stand alone and, as it were, reset its relationship not just with Europe but with the whole world.

While London, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the vast majority of the young voted in favour of remaining in, those who had not benefitted from the EU relationship and economic globalisation in the country’s old industrial heartlands and on the coast and at its rural fringes, voted to leave.   Continue reading

Guyana: Latest videos from Capitol News for June 27, 2016

Guyana: Latest videos from Capitol News for June 27, 2016

Guyana Government News Brief – June 27, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – June 27, 2016

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