Esteemed Scientist, Dr. Ulric Trotz, is a ‘Special Person’ – By Sharmain Grainger

Esteemed Scientist, Dr. Ulric Trotz, is a ‘Special Person’

“I hope before I leave this earth, we in Guyana will be able to reach across the political and ethnic divide that separates us, so that together as Guyanese we can build a country that is prosperous, a country that is at peace, a country that is pragmatic; a country that all of us as Guyanese can be proud of.”

Esteemed Scientist, Dr. Ulric Trotz

Dr. Ulric Trotz

Guyana has everything it requires to become a kind of pearl in the Caribbean.  At least this is the conviction of one of our esteemed Scientists, Dr. Ulric Trotz.

Although Dr. Trotz currently resides in Belize, he had long set the pace for the evolution of science here and, according to him, he is still willing to continue to lend his support if asked.

During a recent interview, Dr. Trotz shared his belief that Guyana not only has the natural resources, but also has access to the necessary qualified people to significantly advance science.   

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