The big secret nobody wants to tell – Bruce Muzik – TED video

The big secret nobody wants to tell | Bruce Muzik | TED video

Uploaded on Jun 3, 2011 –Bruce Muzik presents a riveting talk about the devastating impact that withholding secrets can have on our lives and what to do about it.

Bruce Muzik is a world class trainer and speaker. He is known as the “white man that lived for 6 months in a black ghetto” in post-apartheid South Africa.
His passion is having people experience unprecedented freedom and happiness, through being Authentic.
Find out more about Bruce at

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  • Gigi  On 06/21/2016 at 10:25 pm

    So basically he was just slumming – typical rich White folks stuff. He is pretty narcissistic too. The guy is a world class trainer and speaker yet he claims he was terrified of speaking. And he wants everyone in the audience to like him and he wants to impress them and he brags how his life is better for telling his wife he cheated on her so that he could ultimately get favourable divorce outcome out of her and remain best of friends/friends with benefits, yada yada yada.

    Yeah, I actually listened to his whole spew just so I could get to spew my two cents too. And look, he gets to sport the real tan while poor Donald has to settle for the orange glow. And Blacks folks will get to claim he’s Black because he looks dark and he’s from (was born in) South Africa/Africa, cause you know, according to Black folks, all peoples from Africa are Black. Period. Even peoples from Asia/the Middle East and elsewhere who have tan skin and curly/wavy hair are also Black cause when you want to be/look like a certain people, you eventually convince yourself that you are those people and they are your people. Then you get to claim their history and religion and culture and name – especially in Guyana where White names have been hijacked and are claimed to be “Negro/Black sounding.” Anyway, I digress…back to the “Octoroon” whose eventful slumming experience was so traumatizing, it drove him from his home country to take up residence in the Caribbean.

    The fact that he wasn’t killed shows his White privilege status. Believe me, those folks knew that had they harmed him in any way there would have been hell to pay. They would have all paid dearly for the loss of one White life. They quickly sized him up and determined that he was no white trash who wouldn’t be missed. Of course, he didn’t need to tell this to his astute audience.

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