JUBILEE FATHER’S DAY – by Francis Quamina Farrier

JUBILEE FATHER’S DAY – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Next Sunday, June 19, 2016, will be Father’s Day – this year, we in Guyana can call it, “JUBILEE FATHER’S DAY.” 

Guyana JubileeFor although we in Guyana will be observing this Special Day in the year with the rest of the World, it comes this time around, during this year of our Jubilee of Independence.

In more recent years, Father’s Day, for the better part here in Guyana, was not generally all about the good fathers in our society; rather it became the sad day when many otherwise good, intelligent and well-educated people, became temporarily insane.

Individuals such as Senior Social Workers, Religious Leaders, Politicians and Law Enforcers, would go on a fierce male-bashing tirade. They would mercilessly go on the attack on all men – the good, the bad and the ugly – who have off-spring. No one who was a father was safe from such attacks.

On Father’s Day, of all days in the year, these misguided individuals would unleash the most vicious male-bashing their energies can muster. They feel that it is the day to be “RADICALIZED” and spew as much venom as is possible from the human body to the fathers; all of the fathers!

Before I continue, let me make it quite clear that this article is not about whether they are good and bad fathers and what are the most vile acts by the bad fathers. NO. This article is pointing out that there are many good fathers, and it is inappropriate to ignore them of Father’s Day. It is very counter-productive to use Father’s day to talk almost exclusively about the bad guys. So I do not expect to receive comments about what the bad fathers do – that would be out of order. This discourse is about the misuse of Father’s Day.

It is now prudent for me to remind you that there are fifty two Sundays in the year, with just one single Sunday set aside and intended to recognize and to shower love and admiration on those men who are fathers and who are going the extra mile day in and day out, many times in spite of many obstacles, to care for their children; and there are many such men. I will supply some of the evidence soon.

Over the past five years, I have dedicated much of my time on a campaign against Male Bashing on Father’s Day, since it is my strong belief, that such behaviour is very counter productive. I have been in some places of worship on Father’s Day, and in the presence of many GOOD FATHERS, hear Religious men admonish the good fathers present. Meanwhile the ‘wutless’ men are down at the Betting Shops or the Beer Gardens having a ‘good’ time, and do not have to suffer such vicious verbal attacks. It is a sin crying to Heaven for justice. Those good fathers – those Men of Purpose – those Responsible Men – have to suffer unnecessarily at the hands of some misguided individuals.

In continuing, I have to shower much praise on those Influential Individuals who do the right thing on Father’s Day every year. They welcome the Fathers as they enter the House of Worship. They shower them with praise and give the needed words of encouragement. They make the good fathers feel really good and appreciated for what they do for the love of their children; giving them quality time on a regular basis. I hereby submit that, that is what Father’s Day is all about and should be so observed and celebrated.

In this Guyana Jubilee Year, I feel confident that Father’s Day will be observed and celebrated more in the way it was intended, and with the spirit of love and respect for the good fathers we are blessed with. Father’s Day has been observed in the United Started where it had its origins, for over a century. Guyana has been observing Father’s Day for well over fifty years. It is time that we get it right nationally, and desist in going on a Male Bashing attack on such a special day. There are fifty one other Sundays in the year when that can be done with impunity.

I’ll be back soon with a feedback on how Jubilee Father’s Day was celebrated here in Guyana. Meantime, I extend  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY greetings to all our Good Fathers and good Father Figures.

Happy Fathers Day

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  • Bella de clou  On 06/16/2016 at 4:20 pm

    Francis Quamina Farrier,,, I commend you on this beautiful article,,, you said it all,, Fathers are special..who are we to gudge who is good or bad,,, I wish all the Fathers , A happy and joyful day filled with love and happiness always.

  • Malcolm A Hall  On 06/16/2016 at 5:40 pm

    Uncle Francis, Peace and Greetings! ” Thank you for that well written article. I spend every Fathers Day in church and have given the sermon once on that joyful day. I am in agreement that we need to celebrate all Fathers especially in church where you usually find those whom we can celebrate and of course pray for those in need of it. Thanks FQF for bringing light to this issue. Malcolm

  • Restorer  On 06/19/2016 at 9:28 pm

    Happy Father’s Day to all good fathers. Thank you Uncle Francis for these wise words.

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