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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – June 14, 2016

LATEST NEWS – 14 June 2016 – Guyana Chronicle

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Cricket: Samuels, openers spark Windies to big win over Australia

Samuels, openers spark Windies to big win over Australia

Marlon Samuels

Marlon Samuels

A rollicking opening stand and a Marlon Samuels special lifted West Indies to their second victory of the triangular series over an uncharacteristically sloppy Australian side in St Kitts.From the strong platform of 139 for 1 after 27 overs the visitors’ innings lost momentum, and the target of 266 was vulnerable to an early assault on the short boundaries of Warner Park.

Johnson Charles and Andre Fletcher duly hurled themselves at a bowling attack, which was missing Mitchell Starc, and were helped by a pair of dropped catches from Usman Khawaja.   Continue reading

BHS Alumni Association- Toronto Chapter – Bottom House Fete – June 25, 2016

BHS Alumni Assoc- Toronto – Bottom House Fete – June 25, 2016

BHS Alumni - Toronto - Bottom House Fete June 25, 2016

Download Flyer: BHS Alumni Toronto – June Fete 2016

LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT – by Dave Martins + videos

Facebook: Dave Martins and The Tradewinds – June 5 at 8:57am ·Edit Edit date and time

LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT by Dave Martins.  – Credits Sunday Stabroek News.

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

In the midst of the daily complaints in the media about this problem and that, it’s a relief to sometimes see the bright spots. In this past week for example, my daughter in Canada sent me a wonderful story about a group of fire-fighters from South Africa (see video below), who showed up as volunteers to help with the horrendous bush fires that had hit Alberta destroying hundreds of homes.

The Canadian firemen were exhausted after almost a month fighting the raging fires every day; the 281 South African firefighters arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, about a week ago to help battle the massive fires spreading across the province – and their first reaction was to immediately burst proudly into song and dance. One of them told reporters that one of the reasons they came was a consequence of Canadian support for South Africa in its apartheid battle some years ago. “This is payback time,” he said.  Continue reading

Guyana- Integrated Health Care – Time to Transform Talk into Walk

Guyana- Integrated Health Care – Time to Transform Talk into Walk

The vast majority of Guyanese are willing to seek help for someone with a mental health issue according to a survey conducted by Dr. Vishnu Bisram on behalf of The Caribbean Voice. In fact 88% of the 1235 respondents indicated that they would seek help if they think someone is suffering from mental illness while 78% believe that people with mental illnesses can live normal lives. But 92% felt that government is not doing enough to address mental health.

We know from Government figures (Draft Mental Health Strategy 2015-2020), that 10 to 15% or 78,000 to 114,500 Guyanese suffer from a mental disorder at any one time, with 3 to 5% of the population having a severe chronic mental disorder. Also, approximately 20,000 Guyanese suffer from severe mental illness with unipolar depression as the fifth greatest contributor to disease burden in Guyana. These figures do not include people with epilepsy, mental retardation and alcohol abuse.   Continue reading

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama – by Jonathan Jones

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama – by Jonathan Jones

Over two historic terms, official White House photographer Pete Souza has chronicled the most intimate, candid and comical moments of Barack Obama’s presidency

Obama and Virginia

The Obamas meet Virginia McLaurin

It was a tale of two Americas. In Las Vegas the casinos were humming with a hell-yes tide that was about to sweep the manic Donald Trump to his most pumped-up victory yet. In Washington DC, civilisation still existed. In the week Trump’s xenophobic bid to be the Republican presidential candidate began to look unstoppable, the man whose Americanness he has questioned was meeting 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin. In Pete Souza’s official White House photograph of their get-together, President Barack Obama cracks a delicious smile as the first lady dances with McLaurin, who was invited to visit the White House in recognition ofcommunity work she has done for decades in the US capital.   Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – June 13, 2016 – GINA video

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – June 13, 2016

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