Guyana– Latest News from various sources – June 09, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 09 June 2016 – Kaieteur News

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  • ndtewarie  On 06/09/2016 at 4:45 pm


    Sweet sweet sugar
    Less than a dollar
    A whole pound
    From the ground
    Left by slaves
    Poor knaves
    Their sweat and tears
    For all dem lang years
    Where my forefathers cut cane
    Risking licks mek he go insane
    Their blood so gud
    In the black raw mud
    With many callused barefeet
    To mek something so sweet
    Loading punt
    As they grunt
    Pulling heavy punt
    Munth afta munth
    Years after years
    For five long years
    With the bakrah like a leech
    Until we indentureship reach
    As you sit and chataay
    Sucking at your latte
    Asking for your double double
    Not realizing the damn trouble
    It took to bring that suga
    Cubes from sunny Guiana
    To your comfortable table
    Hey man! It’s no stupid fable
    Today you tek it for granted
    Done by slaves who wanted
    To run away far from the plantation
    For you can’t tender yuh resignation
    As Massa munch on tea and cake
    When they do call for a break
    Time to wash off all the grime
    For hunger was never a crime
    Stuff down me stale rotie
    With some left ova curry
    Wash it down with black middle walk wata
    Feeling so hot feel I can swim back to India
    Avoiding the eyes of the lead-hand
    He’s nothing more than a brigand
    For although he is one of us
    He’s a man you cannot trus
    He will sell you down the riva
    Just to please his damn Massa
    Back to work Oh god!
    Tek me now Oh Laad!
    The sun is going down once more
    And I know I’ll be back for sure
    I got no way else to go
    I go as the hardship flo
    Where all de is promises what a life
    Maybe one day I’ll find a good wife
    These bastards told us about
    As they smile and they shout
    Nice country, new lives! nice Guiana!
    Betta me bin stay me fat ass in India
    Than come to this hell hole
    Gun get lots a full rice bowl
    But I see a bahin smile this afternoon
    I hope she don’t think I’m a buffoon
    Only her sweet smile keeping me alive
    That’s what I’m living for all the while
    One day one day we gun hook up
    Maybe at the end of this crop
    And we gun build a lil benab
    If only the Massa won’t rab
    Me, give me my promised land
    But I hope to God he understand
    Then me and me sweet bahin
    Guh marry and raise some kin
    And hope one day one day
    When dis damn denturship end
    And when I hope I can still bend
    We can leave this hell hole Guyana
    And go back home to Mother India


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