Guyana 411- June 3, 2016 – Georgetown and Jubilee Celebrations – video

GINA logoGuyana 411 – June 3, 2016 – Georgetown and Jubilee Celebrations

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  • Menes de Griot  On 06/20/2016 at 12:48 am

    Eye truly enjoyed watching this jubilee celebration and want to say thanks to those who are responsible for including Shanto from Brooklyn New York a group that has been keeping our Tradition ,Heritage and Kulture alive for more than 30 years in the diaspora ,we take pride in singing Shanto music ,Kweh Kweh songs ,folk songs and original music.
    The architect of this production has done a great job in promoting Guyana’s Kulture in this video production, you have earned your keeps.Those of us who traveled to Beautiful Guyana as keepers of our Kulture we see it differently .
    Those who deny their Ancestors will be denied ,a government that celebrates 50 years of Independence without acknowledging more than 300 years of captivity and one hundred and something years of colonialism is in Denial,until procedures are put in place to correct the atrocities our Ancestors had to endure things will not be easy for this Coalition government.Cicely grandson,son of Urma and Art Sebastion Broomes,aka Menes De Griot.

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