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BaiShanLin asks UN boss to “remind” Guyana of treaty obligations + The truth about BaiShanLin

BaiShanLin asks UN boss to “remind” Guyana of treaty obligations

 – demands GRA return its vehicles in seven days
– wants diplomatic solution
– claims actions have implications for all investors

[May 18, 2016 – By KNEWS]   The seizure of two high-end vehicles last month from a Chinese company for outstanding taxes by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is threatening to become a diplomatic issue.
This week, law firm, Satram and Satram, representing BaiShanLin International Forest Development Inc., wrote the Commissioner-General of GRA demanding that the two vehicles, a Lexus SUV and Nissan van, be released within seven days.

The lawyer insisted that the seizures triggered a dispute between the company and the Government of Guyana and is contrary to the agreement between China and Guyana, signed on the 27th day of March 2003, that dealt with the promotion and protection of investments between the two countries.

Also written to over the seizures are Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, and Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-MoonContinue reading

Guyana– Latest News from various sources – May 18, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 18 May 2016 – Kaieteur News

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Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – Health Care for Guyana – 2016

CANGOCanada-Guyana Outreach Mission

Health Care for Guyana

93 Saxonville Court, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, N7G 4M1

2016 Mission to Guyana

2016 CanGO Team  – In October/November 2016, twenty-six (26) members of the CanGO team (three Paediatricians, one Psychiatrist, three Family Physicians, one Gynaecologist, one Pulmonologist/General Internist, one Dentist, one Nurse Practitioner, six Nurses, one Pharmacist, one Physiotherapist, one Speech-Language Pathologist, one Occupational Therapist and five support staff) will be travelling to Guyana to provide free health care to the Guyanese people, especially those in the interior of the country. This year the mission was extended to two (2) weeks to accommodate the increasing number of health professionals who are willing to volunteer their time and finances to the mission.   Continue reading

Walter Rodney Foundation Art Gallery – Atlanta GA – May 15 – June 2, 2016


     on Sunday, May 22 –  4pm – 6pm
 117 Luckie Street NW  Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Walter Rodney Foundation

Theatre Guild Georgetown – Paul Keens-Douglas – May 27, 2016

      Note: Ticket Cost = G$6,000 @ about 200-1  = app $30.US
Theatre Guild

Middle-East Politics – Sykes-Picot 100 years on – Unintended Consequences

Sykes Picot signatures

The 1916 map, with the signatures of Mark Sykes and Francois Georges- NATIONAL ARCHIVES

Sykes-Picot: The map that spawned a century of resentment

16 May 2016 –From the section Middle East

Reaching its centenary amidst a general chorus of vilification around the region, the legacy of the secret Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 has never looked more under assault.

As Iraq lurches deeper into turmoil and disintegration, Kurdish leaders in the already autonomous north are threatening to break away and declare outright independence.

And the militants of the self-styled Islamic State (IS), bulldozing the border between Iraq and Syria in June 2014, declared their intention to eradicate all the region’s frontiers and lay Sykes-Picot to rest forever.  Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – May 17, 2016

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – May 17, 2016

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