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Guyana– Latest News from various sources – May 07, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 07 May 2016 – Kaieteur News

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“CARING FOR OUR COMMON HOME” – Presentation by Maj.Gen. (retd) Joseph Singh, MSS


Presentation by Major General (retd) Joseph Singh, MSS

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

at the Marian Academy, during the visit of Cardinal Claudio Hummes of Brazil

The Timing and Significance of the Pope’s Encyclical: Laudato Si! (Praise be to you!)

It is entirely appropriate that His Holiness the Pope would have issued his Encyclical: Laudato Si!on May 24,2015 just six months prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties No 21, held in Paris from November 30th to December 12th, 2015.The Conference was convened to agree on the action to be taken by the global community of Nations on Caring for the Planet we call Home, with emphasis on the mitigation of and adaption to the impacts of Climate Change.

It is generally agreed that we have been negligent in our stewardship of the resources with which the planet has been endowed – its natural capital. My interpretation of His Holiness the Pope’s encyclical is that it courageously goes beyond an assessment of the state of the environment (which tends to be the main focus of scientists and world leaders at the Climate Change Conferences) and addresses an Inconvenient Truth – that the state of the environment is a physical manifestation of systemic flaws in our human relationships and in our values and ethics. By transforming ourselves, we can reshape our relationship with our environment into one of global citizens truly caring for our common home.

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St Stanislaus Alumni: Thank You to our patrons at Spring Dance 2016 – CARIBJAM July 29, 2016

St Stanislaus Alumni – Toronto: Thank You to our patrons at Spring Dance 2016

St. Stanislaus College: Celebrating 150 years of Excellence in Education

What a beautiful Spring day/evening it was for the very successful St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto (SSCAAT) Annual Spring Dance held on Saturday 16th April, 2016 at West Rouge Community Centre, Toronto ON.

For $45/person all inclusive (dinner and beverages), and a promise of a fantastic evening, no one could resist this deal and tickets were sold out at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Our apologies to those who could not attend the dance due to unavailability of tickets, and thanks to everyone who got theirs early, for their support.   Continue reading

You don’t “find your calling,” you fight for it ….- By Kate Torgovnick May

You don’t “find your calling,” you fight for it ….

Apr 29, 2016 /

You don’t “find your calling,” you fight for it — and other lessons from people who found their passion (sometimes late in life).


Whether it was during a career aptitude test or in a heart-to-heart chat after getting laid off, chances are someone has talked to you about how to “find your calling.” It’s one of those phrases people toss about. But StoryCorps founder Dave Isay takes issue with it … specifically, the verb.

“Finding your calling — it’s not passive,” he says. “When people have found their calling, they’ve made tough decisions and sacrifices in order to do the work they were meant to do.”

In other words, you don’t just “find” your calling — you have to fight for it. And it’s worth the fight. “People who’ve found their calling have a fire about them,” says Isay, the winner of the 2015 TED Prize. “They’re the people who are dying to get up in the morning and go do their work.”  Continue reading

Guyana Digital Tent – Virtual Gateway opened to Preserve Guyanese Culture

Guyana Digital Tent – Virtual Gateway opened to Preserve Guyanese Culture

The Academic Working Group of the National Commemoration Commission launched the Jubilee Literary Festival (Jubilee LitFest) this afternoon at the National Library with the unveiling of the Guyana Digital Tent. This online site was produced by students of the School of Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University. The Digital Tent is a searchable and expandable platform that contains information about Guyana produced by Guyanese and non-Guyanese. This site will be constantly updated.
The Jubilee LitFest is a legacy initiative. The goal is to improve literary life in Guyana through a distinctive and sustainable literary festival. Among the objectives are to:      Continue reading

Guyana Government News Brief – May 6, 2015 – GINA video

GINA logoGuyana Government News Brief – May 6, 2015 – GINA video

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