In our 2016 World, “SECURITY IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS” – by Francis Quamina Farrier


by Francis Quamina Farrier


Security Camera System

Over the past two decades, almost all around the world, countries have been stepping up their National Security. Because of the many bad experiences, security has been stepped up on the ground, in the air, and under the seas. Security at International and Domestic airports, for example, has been intensified over the past decades to an unprecedented level. Underwater surveillance as well as up-in-the air, has now gone to the deepest of the deep and the highest of the high. In most countries, Private Companies; small, medium and large, are also increasing their security measures. And might I add, that even private homes – the wealthy and the not-so-wealthy – are now paying more attention to their security.

Some, like most Private and Public entities, are even installing security cameras. Even some places of worship have installed Security measures; the Vatican in Rome, for example, has security measures in place for tourists and others going into the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. We know of cases locally where bandits have entered places of worship and robbed the worshipers. Not so long ago, St. Phillip’s Anglican Church in Georgetown was over-run by bandits one Sunday morning, and the congregation was relieved of their money and other valuables.

In our own beloved Guyana, there has been quite an increase in the murders of businessmen, during the past fifteen years. Many have been attacked after withdrawing large deposits from Commercial Banks. Others were attacked in their homes, and large sums of money and jewellery taken away; in some cases, the householders were seriously injured and in some instances, even killed.

No doubt, due to that situation, that has resulted in a noticeable increase in Private Security Firms; among them Federal Management Systems, Inc., which this year, is celebrating their 25th. Anniversary. Located at 120 Peter Rose Street in Georgetown, Federal Management Systems, Inc., is a Guyanese owned and operated Company, which is actually a Branch of its International Headquarters, which is located at 462 K Street, in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America.

As is known, the USA was severely hit by the worst terrorist attack in history. It took place on the World Trade Center in New York City, and also at the Pentagon, in Virginia, in which almost three thousand people lost their lives, among them, 24 Guyanese. What most of us Guyanese, and the rest of the world hardly know, is that per capita, Guyana lost the highest number of victims in that historic terrorist attack. Since that tragedy, Security is among the fastest growing businesses across the globe.

The bad guys continue to set their targets with greater intensity, and sadly, have been able to hit some targets, especially in Western Europe. Almost every year, there is a terrorist attack in one of the world’s major cities; London, Paris and Brussels, to name a few. There is that official request of the public in New York City, “If you see something, say something.” Travelling on the Subway and other Public Transportation, you constantly see and hear information as to what you should do, should you observe a suspicious person or package.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

In less than 100 days, the six million People who live and work in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, as well as the Government of Brazil, will be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, and there will be in place, one of the tightest Security machinery in the world. The Olympic Village which will host over 17,000 participants will have the kind of security as never before seen in the history of the Modern Summer Olympics. The objective will be for every participant of the Olympics 2016, as well as visitors and citizens, to be safe and sound while in Rio, and to return to their home country unharmed. Yes, there is a giant statue of Christ with arms out-stretched over Rio de Janeiro, but it is still necessary to beef-up security in that city, before and during the up-coming Olympic Games. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”, and so, Rio is leaving no opening for any terrorist to strike and harm anyone.

Rio Statue of Christ

Rio Statue of Christ

While Guyana will not be facing quite as mammoth a security challenge as its giant neighbour Brazil has in hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, Guyana will also be facing its own mammoth security challenge, in hosting the thousands of visitors for its 50th Independence  Anniversary Celebrations, in just a few weeks. Brazil will have to keep members of international terrorist groups from entering the country with the intent of carrying out deadly attacks. Guyana’s security challenge is in containing, not the international terrorist hawks coming in from abroad, but the local bandits and criminals right in our midst.

They are not deadly terrorist hawks, but equally deadly zika carrying mosquitoes. The local bandits and criminals can cause death. Real death. And so the local Security forces, both the Public and the Private, will have to up their game, as it were, and prevent any harm coming to anyone during this Jubilee Year Celebrations. And that would include preventing Deadly Traffic Crashes. The hope too, is that there will be increased Police patrols along the East Bank Demerara corridor between the CJ International Airport and the city, especially at nights when international flights will be arriving.

Members of the Guyana Police Force will have to desist from going on patrol primarily to collect a ‘fly lice’ or a ‘lil bribe’. That must NOT happen during the Jubilee Year Celebrations – and never after. Security is serious business. Security is everybody’s business.

In Guyana, one can observe most Government Ministries and Departments, Foreign Embassies and International Organizations, as well as smaller Enterprises and Business establishments, well staffed with Security Personnel. In a number of such locations, Security Staffers of Federal Management Systems can be seen on guard. This Security Firm has over the past quarter of a century, given security service to a number of Foreign Embassies. Staffers are recruited principally from agencies such as the Guyana Defense Force and the Guyana Police Force. Added to their previous training and on-the-job experience in Security operations, these FMS Officers receive regular up-dated training in Security techniques.

Aubrey Stephenson

Aubrey Stephenson

President and CEO of Federal Management Systems, is Buxton-born, USA-based Guyanese, Aubrey Stephenson, AA, who is himself a veteran of the United States Military. Stephenson brings to his Security Firm, sound experiences in the best of security techniques. He is well respected, not only in his home country of Guyana where he received the National Award of the Golden Arrow of Achievement, but also in the USA where he has received many awards, including one from his Alma Mater, Howard University.

As patriotic as they come, Aubrey Stephenson established Federal Management Systems in the United States of America over thirty years ago. But realizing the need for similar security in his homeland, Guyana, he established a branch with headquarters in Georgetown. That was twenty five years ago, and the Company has grown in operations and respect over the two and a half decades. More recently, there was added the “Aubrey’s Cafe” where lots of goodies are available, including the popular “Federal Bread”. Federal Management Systems employs hundreds of Guyanese at home and abroad, and Pays Tens of Millions of dollars in Taxes every year to the Guyana Treasury. Some of its Staffers are married couples who give dedicated service to the company and by extension, to the security of their country Guyana.

In this Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary Jubilee Year, Private Security companies such as Federal Management Systems, Inc., will most certainly be playing a vital role, supporting the Official Disciplined Services, especially the Guyana Police Force, in keeping the country safe for both the locals and the hundreds visiting from abroad. Meanwhile, it would be great for Neighbours – even those who are not exactly on speaking terms – to look out for each other. Have each other’s backs. After all, in 2016, Security is everybody’s business. Keep safe, my Fellow Guyanese.

We have been an independent country for FIFTY YEARS; so let’s act mature. God Bless Guyana.


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  • Ken Corsbie  On 04/30/2016 at 1:19 pm

    So good to see Francis Farrier has joined the candid personal commentary columns.. He has a lifetime of observation, reporting, commentary, and has “seen it all”.. Welcomed.

  • Henry Muttoo  On 05/02/2016 at 12:44 pm

    Well said, Francis.

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