If It Is Indeed Clinton vs. Trump: Hillary’s Win Would Reshape the USA…. – by Darth Anakin

If It Is Indeed Clinton vs. Trump: Hillary’s Win Would Reshape the USA for a Generation

by Darth Anakin – Daily Kos

trumpA sweeping statement, perhaps! But, if anything, I feel like I am understating the case. While most of the political class and the media is engaged with dissecting Trump’s chances in the General Election and our side covers the full spectrum from unabashed jubilation (she has this!), to full-blown alarm (we are in for a surprise because everyone has underestimated Trump at their peril), it would seem to me, not enough is being said about the underlying significance of this election.

I will make the case briefly.   

Trump, far from an exception to the rule, represents the culmination of several aspects (trends) in American politics. Aspects that we, as Democrats would love to get rid of. 

First, he is the quintessence of the anti-intellectual tradition that has gripped the GOP for a generation. Used to be a person could be proud of their intellectual and educational accomplishments. But today’s GOP, in continuing denial about climate change, up in arms against the Theory of Evolution and generally of anti-scientific collective mind, makes the likes of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump their champions.

Donald Trump is the ultimate bloviator — has an opinion on everything without any actual knowledge or experience – pulls facts out of his… you know what? – and is adamant that he is basically an expert on everything. This is a person who is intellectually incurious [George W anyone?] and temperamentally hostile to people with knowledge.

WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT to defeat him with our champion, Hillary Clinton, whose educational and intellectual accomplishments make her uniquely qualified for the presidency? By all accounts, she absorbs knowledge like a sponge and studies all sides of every issue so she is familiar with the nuances and the fine print. It will be enormously satisfying to see her do that.

Secondly, Trump represents the culmination of the not-too-subtle racism and xenophobia of the Republican-Tea Party. Where the GOP used to dog-whistle and code-speak, he is shouting it from the rooftops. “Let’s make America great again,” as in “Let’s make the USA a White and Christian Nation again.” Honestly, I am not old enough to remember the “idyllic” panorama of White America. But I can read history… It was, first of all, never all-white. And America’s idyllic whiteness (mostly mythological) of the past, hides the extermination of Native Americans and the brutalization of other races both through slavery and later, through all forms of discrimination. I do not sit in judgment. The past is the past and we can learn from it and make the present different – “better”. Trump and his ilk are trying to stop the demographic clock that is about to strike the hour of their doom. Trump and his ilk are doing nothing less than trying to re-fight the Civil Rights battles of the 1950s and 1960s, trying to make the “other” evil and unacceptable; and in the image and likeness of immigrants – and especially Muslims.

WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT to see Donald Trump defeated by Hillary Clinton, whose very first job for the Children’s Defense Fund was about investigating the incarceration of African American teenagers in South Carolina as adults. Hillary Clinton — who, as an intern, was part of the House investigation that brought Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon, precipitating his resignation. That same Nixon, who in the wake of the Civil Rights breakthrough pioneered the GOP dog-whistling and code-speaking. Wouldn’t it be great to see Trump defeated by Clinton, who in her electoral coalition epitomizes the diversity that is the real, flesh-and-blood America of today?

The Clinton whose door to the presidency was, ironically, opened wider by the man who preceded her and showed all of us that in that real, flesh-and-blood diverse USA of today, anything is possible. I know that such a defeat of Trump would be more than joyous (although it would be that – a million times), it will be more than symbolic (though history would see it as such), and it would be a cataclysmic political event. For, in the wake of such a defeat, that racist, xenophobic and misogynistic platform will no longer be something acceptable in the mainstream of American politics… For no future Republican will want to ever, even remotely, be threatened by the horror of being dubbed Trump-like.

But finally, Trump, in his ugliest aspect, is the fruition of the Republican-Tea Party view of women — lesser creatures who have no real place anywhere significant. Women, whose only acceptable or praiseworthy attributes are their beauty; their breasts and their meekness. Trump ruffled a lot of feathers even within the GOP with his atrocious comments about both Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina … he caused a lot of people to quietly vomit when he could not stop talking about how he would date his 15-year old daughter. The epithets he has chosen for Hillary Clinton (weak), bespeak his attitude further. Even at his victory speech after winning 5 states this week, he could not hold back from bringing up Clinton’s gender and, again, trying to turn it into a weakness and presuming to speak for all American women by saying “women don’t like her.”

WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT to defeat this misogynist with not merely a Democrat who supports and respects women, as our party has done, not merely a Democrat who would fight for women’s health and reproductive rights as most Democrats do, but with an actual WOMAN. A woman, moreover, whose experience and accomplishments dwarf his. A woman, who – both personally and professionally – has been to hell and back, only to emerge tougher, more determined, and more personable than ever. Wouldn’t it be great to defeat this overgrown bully with his worst nightmare — a competent, calm, professional woman. I don’t know about you, but that experience would be one of the highlights of my life (and, basing the extent of my life on average longevity of men in the USA, I still have a good 10 or 12 presidential elections to look forward to:). The experience of seeing that unabashed, abusive misogynist defeated by a woman… THAT concession speech… That will be one for the ages.

But more important than my personal glee…  Such a defeat would represent, in the larger scheme of things, a vast normalization in America. I want to see our country as a place where women are valued as equal partners and evaluated (like men) on their knowledge and experience. I want to see us move forward and embrace the full potential that women bring to every aspect of life.

And so, for all the foregoing reasons, I look forward to that battle.

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  • Wycliffe Thomas  On 04/30/2016 at 1:35 pm

    I believe that Hillary will topple Trump.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 04/30/2016 at 2:29 pm

    I heard that the Clinton Campaign is not spending any more on the remaining primaries, but they are scheduled to spend $ 90-miilion-dollars leading up to the November 2016 General Elections USA – no doubt, to remind us about what President Obama endured – the white man’s last tantrum in the persona of Mussolini incarnate, Republican-Tea Party Officials and Donald Trump.

    The white man is waking up to the reality that being treated like everyone else – like a woman – is not discrimination ….. It is equality.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 05/01/2016 at 1:31 am


    If Donald Trump wins the USA elections, it will be the first time in history that a

    white billionaire moved into public housing vacated by a black family!…eh?

  • Clyde Duncan  On 05/10/2016 at 3:16 pm

    I was reading some opinions on another thread about Muslims in the USA; and about the Muslim Mayor of London – most on the thread appear to support that “White and Christian Nation” thing for the USA. I was going to jump in and add my two-cents there, but I decided to add my two-cents to an article in the Daily Kos and post it here – Perhaps, we could start a conversation here:

    Rachel Maddow is justifiably incredulous [with apologies to Egberto Willies – I snatched his article and added a few words based on the exchanges on the other thread about Muslims, Donald Trump, the London Mayor, and so on]:

    Rachel Maddow incredulously points out that many quacks have attempted to become president. The GOP is the only party that has ever given one a chance. It is hard to believe. But it is true.

    “Today is a historic day,” Rachel Maddow said. “Not because we haven’t had inconceivable runs for the American presidency before. Not because in the modern era we hadn’t had people who are inconceivable as president turn out to have some appeal to a significant portion of the American electorate while making a run for president. We’ve had that before. George Wallace won five states when he ran as an independent. Ross Perot got a fifth of the vote nationwide when he ran as an independent. Pat Buchanan won almost a quarter of the Republican vote for the Republican nomination while he was running against a sitting Republican president for that nomination. But you know what? None of them did it. Not only did none of them become president, none of them ever captured the nomination of one of our country’s two major parties.”

    Maddow then pointed out that Trump accomplished what no other insurgent candidate has. Worse, it wasn’t all that hard. She pointed out it only took Donald Trump eight days longer than Mitt Romney to accomplish that feat.

    Rachel pointed out a poignant reality that the Republican Party will have to live with. It’s titular head discriminating against a part of his electorate.

    “If you are a Muslim,” Rachel Maddow said. “Today will always be the day that one of the two parties in our country, nominated somebody for president who thinks you and your family should be banned from entering this country on the basis of your religion.”

    So, Clyde jumps in about here: Let me make it very clear – as a black man, this is NOT news to me – and Republican-Tea Party fools are advocating that we “Make America Great Again” – as in Make America a White and Christian Nation Again, and that is okay??? – That only a White Man is Suitable for the job of President of the USA??? Some of the same nonsense, to me anyway, I see written in the other thread was said about President Obama by cousins of mine.

    Maddow points out that as the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump is now entitled to major party presidential candidate treatment. He now gets RNC staff and RNC money. He gets control of the Republican Party bureaucracy. He gets CIA briefings. God bless America.

    There is a woman in Israel, they call Donald Trump in High Heels, she is a retired Brigadier General and is now a politician in the extreme right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. Like Trump, she says outrageous things every week and the polls show the nastier and more vulgar she gets, the more popular she gets.

    Donald Trump tried to appear “Presidential” at the recent AIPAC convention in the USA – everyone I have read believes his speech was written in Israel by Netanyahu’s Office. Trump proved poor at looking “Presidential” he got the timing wrong – did not wait for applause and so on.

    So, the advice – no doubt from his advisors in Israel – is for him to revert to being vulgar – imagine that?? Revert to talking and acting like a Kangalang – like an uneducated blue collar worker – in the White House.

    I get it: “Not because a man is going down the wrong road, means he is lost!”

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