Arbor Day – By Ron Persaud

Arbor Day – By Ron Persaud

“Man, despite his artistic pretensions, his sophistication and many accomplishments, owes the fact of his existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains”. ~ John Jeavons

Celebrate Arbor Day

Celebrate Arbor Day

The quote has been attributed to many; but its essential truth is applicable to all of us. Without plants we would not be here.

“What is so magical about plants?” The answer is not so much the plants themselves; but a process which takes place in their leaves.

National Arbor Day is April 29, 2016. So let’s get together and celebrate the importance of trees! 

Photo-synthesis is that process and I invite you to consider its unique elegance. It is the only process that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replaces it with oxygen without the need for our input of things like fuel and physical conditions like humidity, light intensity and things like that. Moreover there is no harmful by product. It does not stop there. Plants provide us with the energy to do work and maintain and / or repair our bodies.

How? All energy comes from the sun. So how do we obtain energy? By consuming the plants and animals which have obtained their energy by consuming other plants and animals – the food chain.  Microscopic plants which contain chlorophyll and live in the sea, trap the energy from the sun and are consumed by other organisms; these in turn are consumed up the chain.

So when I have a meal of black-eye and rice (with ochro cooked in!), topped with a chunk of fry-fish, I will avail myself of all the energy that has been stored by the plants and animals that went into the meal.

This year, as we celebrate “Arbor Day” let us spare a thought for the planet as a whole; and resolve to do something – small or huge – to preserve our ecosystem.  We each are an integral component of it.

Savor the poetry in these lines dedicated to trees.


Go to the   website to see the history of Arbor Day and how it can be celebrated. Here you will find a wealth of information—a guidebook to help you plan a successful event. …. website link-

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