A NIGERIAN IN CANCUN – By Hubert Williams



– By  Hubert Williams

nigerian      Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, March 18, 2016 — Resplendent in an immaculate white uniform, with white-and-yellow cap, blue necktie, white belt and white shoes, this very dark-skinned Bellhop in a crowd of newly-arrived white guests was going about his functions with professional efficiency and speed, yet with the ease and grace of royalty.

When I espied him and moved in his direction to say “hello”, we were, at the time, the only two Blacks in the crowded and imposing Lobby of the magnificent Sandos Resort on Playa Del Carmen, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.   

The first thoughts were that he must be Jamaican, as one usually encounters that island’s nationals just about everywhere; with conventional thinking being that if he is a Black and appears where least expected, then he must be a Jamaican; and if not Jamaican, then Barbadian.

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