Former Deputy PM Haslyn Parris dies + Bio and 2015 Moray House video

Former Deputy PM Haslyn Parris dies

Haslyn Parris

Haslyn Parris

Posted by: Denis Chabrol in Demerara Waves – March 28, 2016

A former Deputy Prime Minister of Guyana, Haslyn Parris died Monday afternoon March 28, following an aneurysm Sunday night at his residence in Buxton, East Coast Demerara.

He was rushed to a city hospital for emergency surgery, but he succumbed at about 1 PM.  Parris was 75 years old.

In paying brief tribute to Parris, President David Granger hailed the late politician and academic as a “distinguished Guyanese” who has “made tremendous contributions throughout his life as a very young man to the present time” His intellect and his public service are well-recognised and we certainly would miss him,” he said.   

A former Chief Economist at the Bank of Guyana, Harris was later appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the 1980s. Up to the time of his passing, he had served as a member of the government-appointed Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform that has been established to chart the way forward to further amend the 1980 Constitution.

He had previously served as Coordinator of an Oversight Committee on Constitutional Reform Commission from 1999 to 2000 and was also a former member of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Parris has authored several books on Guyana’s politics and the constitution.

He was also an executive in Guyana’s bauxite industry for many years.

Haslyn Parris | Guyconstruct | – full bio

Haslyn Parris (born 2 March, 1941) holds degrees in Mathematics (Bsc. Special, UCWI, Mona -1962), Economics (Bsc. Hons -1966, LSE), and Economics specialising in Statistics (Msc. -1967, LSE).

His career has encompassed the positions of Mathematics Teacher at Queen’s College (1962 – 1963), Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Guyana (1967 – 1969), Chief Economist of the Central Bank of Guyana (1969 – 1971), Chief Executive Officer, Guybau and subsequently Guymine (1971 – 1981), Chairman of Guyconstruct (1976 – 1980), Chairman of the Bauxite Industry Development Company, BIDCO (1982 – 1983), Deputy Chairman of theState Planning Commission (1977 – 1983), Chairman of the State Planning Commission (1983 – 1991), and Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Planning and Development (1984 -1991).   [Read more]

Constitutional Reform in Guyana: Haslyn Parris – YouTube video

Aug 8, 2015 – Uploaded by Moray House Trust
Published on Aug 8, 2015  –  Haslyn Parris cites the relevant sections of the existing constitution that provide for constitutional reform in Guyana and the mechanisms put in place to achieve this. He also contemplates the difference between a paradox and a problem and proposes that many of our difficulties arise from treating ethnic differences and our inherently ambiguous identities as a problem (capable of solution) when they are a paradox (which cannot be solved). This is one of three presentations at Moray House Trust in July 2015 on the topic: ‘A Contemplation of Constitutional Reform in Guyana’.
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