Is fermented food a recipe for good gut health?

Is fermented food a recipe for good gut health?


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  • demerwater  On 03/17/2016 at 6:56 am

    We learned that our stomach juices are acid to kill micro-organisms that might cause infection; in addition to the proper digestion of proteins. I still believe that; so many years later. I am therefore a bit skeptical that pre- or pro- biotics in our diet will promote the passage and multiplying of micro-organisms in the digestive system – past the stomach.
    At the same time, I have to admit that if I eat (or drink!) something outside of my usual diet, I can suffer a “stomach upset”. I conclude that certain (bio)chemicals exit the stomach and proceed to disrupt the balance of flora and fauna in the rest of my digestive system.
    This leads me to believe that if I stick to my customary (Guyanese) diet, I should have few problems in the digestive tract. Perhaps the most important decision we made when we immigrated was to stick to our (West Indian) diet.
    It has worked very well. My few episodes of “stomach upset” have been associated with eating out and Mexican cuisine. I have anecdotal evidence only that this consumption of ‘exotic’ food items has been the experience a “good few” people.

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