Cricket: What is T20’s greatest effect? – Cricinfo Magazine

What is T20’s greatest effect? – Cricinfo Magazine

Cricket’s youngest format has ushered in profound change but how has it, we asked our jury, transformed the way the game is played?

MARCH 2016 Cricinfo Magazine

“I’m coming anyway”   – By Jon Hotten
It was a throwaway remark from Brendon McCullum, made when he was giving a Sky Sports “Masterclass” to UK viewers, but as with Virender Sehwag’s irreducible and immortal “see ball, hit ball”, it is a line that has come to represent the root of a philosophy that has transformed batting, and the game.

McCullum was telling Nick Knight about his approach to playing spin in T20 cricket. He was standing in front of a set of yellow plastic stumps at the time, dressed in his New Zealand training kit and clutching a bat in his meaty paws. He scraped a crease line into the grass with his foot and then took block about 12 inches in front of it to demonstrate where he would stand as the spinner began his run-up. 

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