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Renowned Medical Practitioner, Dr. Frank Denbow, is a ‘Special Person’

Renowned Medical Practitioner, Dr. Frank Denbow, is a ‘Special Person’

MARCH 6, 2016 | BY | By Sharmain Grainger

“If you care enough about people (as a medical practitioner) then you will want to have as much knowledge about what you are doing so that you can help them even more.”

Dr. Frank Denbow

Dr. Frank Denbow

Anyone who ventures into the field of medicine primarily because of his or her love for humanity is definitely an individual worthy of recognition. It is for this reason that we have chosen Dr. Frank Denbow, a well-respected medical practitioner for many years, to be this week’s ‘Special Person’.
Although he migrated to the United States several years ago, currently practices as an Internist and is very involved in things cardiology in New Jersey, United States, Dr. Denbow has a keen interest in Guyana. And this is with good reason too, since he is a Guyanese by birth, and one who offered years of medical service to his homeland before migrating, and continues to find ways to do so.  Continue reading

Guyana– Latest News from various sources – March 06, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 06 March 2016 – Kaieteur News

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What really happens when you mix medications? – by Russ Altman -TED video

What really happens when you mix medications? – by Russ Altman

 If you take two different medications for two different reasons, here’s a sobering thought: your doctor may not fully understand what happens when they’re combined, because drug interactions are incredibly hard to study.

In this fascinating and accessible talk, Russ Altman shows how doctors are studying unexpected drug interactions  using a surprising resource: search engine queries.  View video…. Continue reading

Fifty years ago or now: when would you rather be living? – By Dave Martins + music video

50 years ago or now by Dave MartinsT

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

That’s right, 50 years ago or now: when would you rather be living? The next time you’re in a close social setting and the conversation lags, pose that question and brace yourself for the melee that will follow. Conceding that subjectivity will be hugely at play in that discussion, it’s a fascinating topic; prepare yourself for heated exchanges and perhaps even losing some friends.

Going out the door, one of the first points that would be raised is the conveniences of life today. Fifty years ago, we didn’t have email or cell phones; telegraphed messages to my father on his Pomeroon farm took a week between send and receive. Back then, we didn’t have electric blenders; housewives used mortar and pestle. No equipment to make ice cream at home, meant bringing the ice home on a bicycle followed by the long tiring churning of the milk by hand – a job I used to run from.   Continue reading

Guyana – This week with the President – March 5, 2016

GINA logoGuyana – This week with the President – March 5, 2016

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