Documentary will tell history of Blacks in hockey – By Damon (Kwame) Mason

By ShareNews –  Thursday November 28 2013 in Sports
 Timing is everything. Little did independent filmmaker Damon (Kwame) Mason know that he would do the last interview with hockey pioneer Herb Carnegie in February 2012 for a documentary he’s co-producing.  Carnegie passed away 10 days later.

“To get him to tell his story for a last time was a blessing,” said Mason.

Soul on Ice, Past, Present & Future is inspired by Black Ice: The Lost History of the Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895-1925. Comprising the offspring of runaway American slaves, the league helped pioneer the sport, changing the winter game from the primitive ‘gentleman’s past-time’ of the 19th century to the modern fast moving game it is today. Note: This story says that Damon’s parents are from Guyana.

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Note: This article was sent in by Aileen Fox.  She made the following comment

Cyril: I heard the interview on the Tom Joyner morning show yesterday morning on my way into work, and he mention that his parents was from the “West Indies”  but I somehow detected a faint Guyanese accent so I came into work and goggled his name.  I found lots of site but none mentioned where his parents were from.  the link I attached was the only place that I found his information and his parents are from Guyana.

Just curious why would he say that his parents are from the West Indies instead of saying Guyana.  I think many of us don’t like to mention our country Guyana

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