Patriotism returns! – Guyana celebrates Republic Day at Durban Park


Part of the massive crowd at the ceremony

THE word “patriotism” could barely do to describe the level of pride and joy which filled the hundreds of Guyanese who flocked the Jubilee Stadium for the Republic Day Flag Raising Ceremony yesterday. The ceremony, which was held at 17:00 hrs, was an interesting change to the early- morning affair usually held at the Public Buildings.

This time of day created the perfect setting for all to indulge in the mighty energy which enveloped the crowd during the raising of the gargantuan 50 x 30 foot Golden Arrowhead. 

During the five-minute ascension up the 200-foot pole, one could not ignore the feeling of massive pride to be Guyanese at that very moment. As the wind whipped the Golden Arrowhead through the air while it rose to its peak, the crowd cheered and chanted “Go Guyana, Go!”  [Read more]

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  • Winston Yaw  On 02/24/2016 at 12:22 pm

    I had in the past, during the previous administration felt totally disconnected from Guyana. The political situation was horrible. Today I feel a sense of pride in being Guyanese, because this administration seems set on making Guyana a country for all its citizens. I hope this trend continues, because human frailty can always derail the best intentions and plans. with respect to the Venezuelan aggressive claims to our territory, I say to our military your country is worth fighting and dying for, we also have a President who is a fine leader, unlike Bharrat Jagdeo and his successor/caretaker Donald Ramotar. Vive La Guyana for all Guyanese.

  • Gigi  On 02/25/2016 at 7:28 pm

    @Winston Yaw who wrote, “Today I feel a sense of pride in being Guyanese, because this administration seems set on making Guyana a country for all its citizens.”

    Good for you. The majority of Guyanese do not share your sense of pride and patriotism, and for many good reasons. I noticed you used the word “seems”. You are not convinced. Neither are we, the majority of Guyanese I’m speaking on behalf of. I hope you will support us in our desire for a two-state separation of Guyana so that we may have and enjoy our own separate country, the Democratic Republic of Guyana. We would like to feel this sense of pride and patriotism you speak of, but we will never know or experience those feelings under the long, ugly, sordid and divisive history that continues to plague this god forsaken place. Yes, even the almighty has forsaken this cursed country. This is a direct result of the ethnic and cultural makeup of Guyana. It has never worked and it never will. Like you and Thinker, we do believe that Guyana should be for all Guyanese. That is why we are calling for our own separate Guyana. IT WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE WE WANT IT TO HAPPEN.

    Support a two-state separation of Guyana. NOW!

  • demerwater  On 02/29/2016 at 6:47 am

    “It has never worked and it never will.”
    It worked very well until this; “Her Majesty’s Government have decided that the Constitution of British Guiana must be suspended to prevent communist subversion of the Government ….” (BROADCAST ON RADIO DEMERARA ON 9 OCTOBER 1953).
    The election results of April 27, 1953 can be read here;,_1953
    One had to be there to witness the unanimous glee of all the people as the results came in. One had to be living in Louisiana, Leguan where East Indian youth had a black “uncle Jeff” and “auntie Barker”; where everyone had to be on their best behavior in the presence of Miss Ward and teacher Rajpersaud.
    But the British could not contemplate such unity; and the US was paranoid about communism, or even socialism.
    In then British Guiana the divisions were cultural. Hindus kept their distance from Mohammedans because the latter ate beef; where a Hindu grandfather had to pay for the laundering of the suit of a black head teacher – the suit which the old man had sprayed with ‘abeer’ during the celebration of Phagwah.
    In Guyana there is the pithy saying, “If goat-shit want fuh roll, ‘e wait fuh the slightest breeze”.
    And that statement sums up my thoughts on any idea of ‘partition’.

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