Mc Coy, Hinds, Abdullah for court on February 22 for Kissoon assault

Feces thrown on Freddie Kissoon…Mc Coy, Hinds, Abdullah for court on Monday

FEBRUARY 20, 2016 | BY – attackers quarreled over payment, had planned to video-tape incident…… Men also being held on the Crum-Ewing murder
Former Presidential Liaison Officer, Kwame Mc Coy, self-confessed killing squadcrum ewing killers a member Shawn Hinds and former Office of the  President employee Jason Abdulla are set to appear in court on Monday February 22, over the May 2010 assault on political activist and columnist Frederick Kissoon.
Police sources confirmed that all three men will face charges for the incident, in which feces was thrown into the columnist’s face in Robb Street.

Kaieteur News understands that the police yesterday obtained the court’s permission to detain Mc Coy and his cohorts for a further 72 hours.  Investigators reportedly have statements which allege that the attackers were paid to assault Kissoon, and that they were also told to videotape the incident.
Afterwards, the alleged culprits had a heated row over the money, after one man coveted the entire sum.
Hinds and Abdulla have reportedly told detectives that Kwame Mc Coy planned and organised the attack on the outspoken columnist.
Kissoon had just emerged from Nigel’s Supermarket on Robb Street around 19:00 hours on May 24, 2010, and had already entered his vehicle when a man walked up to his vehicle and threw the substance on him.
Although momentarily stunned by the attack, Kissoon managed to drive behind the perpetrator who ran north along Light Street then west into North Road before jumping into a waiting white Toyota AT 192 Carina car and escaped.
A soiled Kissoon tried to intercept the car, but backed off to avoid a collision.
Kaieteur News understands that the police had never given up hope on the case, but were stymied by the previous administration from actively pursuing the matter, given the parties involved.
Kissoon had told Kaieteur News that he had always suspected that Hinds, a self-confessed hitman, had a hand in the attack, since the description the vehicle that the perpetrators used, fit the description of a vehicle Hinds owns.
However, he believes that the attack “goes way beyond Kwame McCoy, Hinds and Abdulla.”
Apart from confessing to the Kissoon attack, Kaieteur News understands that the men also admitted to attacking former Guyana Power and Light Inc. Finance Director Aeshwar Deonarine in December 2012.
Mc Coy, Hinds, Abdullah and O’Kenie Fraser are also being questioned about the execution-style killing of political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing, who was gunned down in Diamond New Scheme on March 10, 2015.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum again said that investigators “still had a lot of work to do” on the case.
On Thursday, police secured permission from the court to detain Abdulla for a further 72 hours. Abdulla was first detained on Monday, and his mandatory period of detention would have ended yesterday afternoon.
It was on that day that the suspect had complained to his Attorney, Euclin Gomes that he was tortured by the police and had suffered a fractured right foot. As a result of the complaint, he was taken to the Georgetown Hospital where he was examined by a doctor who found no evidence of the broken foot.
There are reports that he told the medical personnel that he suffered a fractured foot after investigators had beaten him during interrogation.
However, after seeing no signs of a fractured limb, the attending physician opted to put the foot in plaster of paris as a precaution before sending the man to a private hospital for an X-ray.
Just as he was leaving the hospital, he told reporters that the police put “something” over his head and brutally assaulted him.
With his right foot in a bandage, he said, “They beat me bad. They put something over my head and beat me. Not for long though.”
A doctor at the GPHC referred him to a private hospital for an x-ray, where again no evidence of a fracture was found.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum told this newspaper that he is aware of the complaint made by Abdulla, and has advised the suspect to report it to the police Office of Professional Responsibility so that an investigation can be carried out.
On the Crum-Ewing matter, the word is that one of the men in custody identified the shooter during a confrontation.
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