Why is China trying to revive ancient Silk Road? – Analysis

  • Ebrahim Noroozi/AP/File
    The first cargo train from China to Iran arrived in Tehran on Monday, marking a milestone in reviving the ancient Silk Road trade route.

The 32-container train passed through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to Iran, taking 14 days (30 days less than a typical sea voyage between Shanghai and the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas) to complete the 6,462 mile journey from China’s eastern city of Wiyu.

The Silk Road – envisioned as a rail and sea route – is part of China’s “One Belt, One Road,” an economic development strategy, which has opened a new chapter of win-win cooperation between China and Iran, Xinhua reported.

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  • De castro  On 02/18/2016 at 2:51 am

    An interesting development of one of my many dreams…..

    One peoples
    One nation
    One destiny

    One peoples
    One love
    One world

    Bob Marley’s vision.

    What started as an EU dream is now reality….
    27 countries united

    What has happened in USA
    One country divided by “distance” and “money” …1%rich V 99% poor

    Are the Chinese “bombing” some minority into submission.
    Are they invading north Korea….to change regime….do they interfere with other
    countries politricks…no siree…..if anything they are helping them with their development….
    It is for the governments of those countries to “agree” on how it is done.

    China and France will be investing in UK s next generation nuclear energy plant.
    Some will argue its a “dangerous” development…..others will argue put
    those resources into alternative energy sources…..my comment is
    Invest in every energy sources…diverse to “compete” “survive”…..

    The natural resources and the technology available today belongs to everyone on the planet
    let’s think positive and develop it to benefit all mankind in a more sustainable way.
    My vision….
    Que Sera Sera

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