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Guyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 11 February 2016

Capitol TV logoGuyana – Capitol TV News Videos – 11 February 2016

Three dead in Annai Accident  – Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:09 PM PST
Guyana rejects latest pronouncement by Venezuela before UN  – Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:08 PM PST
Speaker upbraids former Attorney General Assembly  – Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:07 PM PST
SOCU benefiting from overseas training  –  Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:06 PM PST
TIP unit to be converted into department  –   Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:05 PM PST
Debate heats up on contracted employees  –   Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:04 PM PST
Sports –  Posted: 11 Feb 2016 03:00 PM PST

Guyana– Latest News from various sources – February 12, 2016

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS –12 February 2016  – Kaieteur News

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White America’s ‘Broken Heart’ – Charles M. Blow – New York Times

White America’s ‘Broken Heart’ – – New York Times

Charles M. Blow

Last month, the MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes tweeted:“This campaign is starting to feel more and more like a long, national nervous breakdown.” For white America, I believe this is true. – Charles Blow NYT

But one thing he said stood out to me for its clear rhetorical framing.

He attributed much of the anger that’s present in the electorate to anxiety over a changing demographic profile of the country, but then said: We are going to share the future. The only question is: What will be the terms of the sharing?    Continue reading

THE ZEST OF GUYANA – Thirty five poems – By Dmitri Allicock + video

zest of guyana



By Dmitri Allicock

The first slither of the orange peel
My soul refreshed with a citrus feel
Ripe oranges to peel I love the best
To inhale the sweetness of that zest
The passion of homegrown fragrant
And orange peel freshness so instant

Continue reading

Government News Brief February 11, 2016 – GINA Guyana video

Government News Brief February 11, 2016 – GINA Guyana videoGina Guyana

  1. Stamping out Human Trafficking in Guyana –  Concerted efforts have begun.
  2. Ministry of Communities . … Minister Bulkan at the Budget Debate talks about Local Government taxes and rates revisions, last updated in 1995.
  3. Hinterland residents will get better roads – better communications for interior development
  4. ICT development in the hinterland, especially for schools, outlined in Budget Debate..
  5. Public Hospital improvements in equipment and services outlined in the Budget.
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