BBC Empire Episode 2 – Making Ourselves at Home Documentary – Jeremy Paxman

BBC Empire Episode 2 – Making Ourselves at Home Documentary – Jeremy Paxman

Published on Aug 17, 2014

Jeremy Paxman traces the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known: the British Empire. He continues his personal account of Britain’s empire by looking at how traders, conquerors and settlers spread the British way of doing things around the world – in particular how they created a very British idea of home.

He begins in India, where early traders wore Indian costume and took Indian wives. Their descendants still cherish their mixed heritage. Victorian values put a stop to that as interracial mixing became taboo.   

In Singapore, he visits a club where British colonials gathered together, in Canada he finds a town whose inhabitants are still fiercely proud of the traditions of their Scottish ancestors, in Kenya he meets the descendants of the first white settlers – men whose presence came to be bitterly resented as pressure for African independence grew.

And he traces the story of an Indian family in Leicester whose migrations have been determined by the changing fortunes of the British empire.

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  • Leslie Chin  On 02/04/2016 at 10:15 am

    This PBS documentary about the British Empire is worth viewing. It provides insights on how the Empire got started, expanded and eventually broke up leaving the Commonwealth as its legacy. There are 5 episodes altogether. This episode can be used as a portal to the series:
    Episode 1 Empire
    Episode 2 Making Ourselves at Home (this episode)
    Episode 3 Making a Fortune (Parts 1-4)
    Episode 4 Making a Fortune
    Episode 5 Doing Good

    These videos show what can be done with a West Indian Federation.

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