Guyana 50th Dinner Dance – Toronto – 27 February 2016

Download Flyer: Guyana 50th Dinner Dance Flyer

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  • karran deokarran  On 01/21/2016 at 5:33 pm

    50 Years of pain and struggle
    They came in chain from Africa
    To slave in Beautiful Guyana
    They were brought from far away India
    To labored in Beautiful Guyana

    Time have destroy their identity
    Their culture and tradition were lost in history
    Their language was comprise by the slave master
    Their Religion was sacrifice for schooling which was a disaster

    Cuffy and Damon wage a battle for freedom
    The Indian selfishness were held at ransom
    Jagan and Burnham continue the struggle
    Unity play a great role, freedom became possible

    Then came the 26 of May 1966 bright like a star
    The cries of a Nation turn into joy near and far
    The struggle of our fore parent were forgotten
    50 years later their sacrifice become the Nation burden

    As we hoist the golden Arrow head for the 50th time
    No amount of speeches and promises can remove the nation pains
    Oh leaders I humbly ask that you seek the divine intervention
    Ask for forgiveness and give our fore parent an honorable salutation

    Dancing on the street is only more molestation
    The fighting spirit of our ancestor need salvation
    No Government will find peace in my Beautiful Guyana
    Unless we join hands together to liberate our ancestor

    The tears of our ancestor only brought flood each year
    Their anger brought drought and fear
    Their love keep the nation existing but in poverty
    This is how Guyana will be unless their souls are liberated by the Almighty

    Oh my dear Guyana my salutation to thee
    The sweat and blood of your children Brought freedom to thee
    What have we achieve 50 years later
    Corruption, hatred, lust, crime and anger.
    Karran P. Deokarran (Vickram) J.P.
    8TH Jan. 2016
    New York U.S.A

    Dedicated to Guyana 50th independence 26th may 1966/ 2016 LONG LIVE GUYANA?

  • karran deokarran  On 01/21/2016 at 5:57 pm


    He had a dream a dream for his People
    He wanted fair play and justice for all
    His heart pain him whenever he see discrimination
    He then decided to embark on a sacred mission

    He preach of black and white people with red blood
    He preaches of unity and loves something everyone should
    He wanted a great America for the American People
    He believe that with unity nothing is impossible

    He embark on a freedom march to Washington
    His enemy have create a plan and took up their position
    The assassin’s bullet pierces through his loving heart
    Another great freedom fighter this body he had to depart

    Death can only devour those who have hatred
    Martin Luther King JR. was a man of great courage
    His departure have brought to the enemy great defeat
    His dream have awaken millions on America Street

    His death have awaken the world from their long sleep
    Freedom Freedom a loud voice cried March on don’t weep
    Remember me if you wish by loving each other
    This will help America and the world to be better

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