Guyana – 50th Independence Anniversary Symposia Series – Call for Participation

Guyana 50th Logo

Academic Grounding Working Group

Symposia Series

 May 23-24, 2016 (Arthur Chung International Conference Center, Georgetown, Guyana)

June 5, 2016 (York College, Queens, New York)

Call for Participation

Theme: Guyana at 50: Understanding Our Independence Journey


Academic Grounding Working Group, National Commemoration Commission, Guyana; Symposium Sub-Committee, 50th Independence Anniversary Celebrations Committee, New York; and the Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.


Education in all forms is an important vehicle for individual and collective advancement and the enhancement of national life. The Golden Jubilee affords us an opportunity to examine the various knowledge traditions, the evolution of Guyanese thought and their contributions to Guyana’s development. It also provides a moment to think about how these processes and ideas can inform the next 50 years.


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  • De castro  On January 7, 2016 at 2:43 am

    50 years of ‘struggle’ post independence
    Another 50 years to go….
    The road in long and hard but
    nothing is impossible.
    Wish resident Guyanese Happy Anniversary 1966-2016
    26 May 2016 will visit.
    Kamtan in Spain of Ukplc EU

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