NYC begins rolling out free public Wi-Fi. Will others follow suit?

NYC begins rolling out free public Wi-Fi. Will others follow suit?

Free WiFi for NYC

The city plans to provide up to 10,000 hotspots over the next decade, replacing phone booths with hi-tech kiosks. The first hubs were installed in early January 2016.

The first of 10,000 free public Wi-Fi kiosks was installed in New York City on Monday December 28, the start of a decade-long project reflecting many leaders’ growing conviction that the Internet is a fundamental right.  

LinkNYC installed one of the first hubs near the corner of 3rd Avenue and 15th Street, according to Gothamist, although its wireless was still in testing. Once up and running, the sleek kiosks — thin charging centers with two 55-inch touchscreens — promise to deliver 2.0 signal strength for a 150-foot radius, at minimum, forming the largest, fastest municipal network in the world.    [Read more]

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