Race on Campus – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Race on Campus – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Statistics can be cooked up to prove almost anything.is a good example of a psychologist that has used numbers to prove his theory. He spent the greater part of his life showing that, ‘a child’s intelligence was mainly inherited from its parents and that social circumstances played only a minor role.’

This idea took root in Britain before the introduction of comprehensive education and it formed the basis of education policy there for a number of years. Since intelligence was derived largely from heredity it could be measured and graded. This led to intelligence or IQ tests that ‘creamed off’ a minority to elite schools while the rest were labeled as failures.  

Why is Burt important? He was the official psychologist of the London County Council and was responsible for the ‘administration and interpretation of mental tests in London Schools.’ Burt died in 1970. A year later, evidence emerged that he had invented the statistics to fit his theories on heredity and intelligence. He was described as a ‘liar and a fraud’ by some of his fellow psychologists.

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  • De castro  On 12/26/2015 at 4:35 am

    Nice one…..IQ test was an antique method of brain analysis….much more complex methods are in use today…..however suggested that scientists come up with a method of quantifying brain “inabilities”
    rather than its “capacity”…..”abilities”…..
    We already know that in a lifetime we use less than 1% of our brain which when measured scientificly
    reflects “plus” values….would be interested in an IQ test that measures “minus” values….inabilities.
    What it is not capable of determining “positively” which IQ tests reflect.
    We can’t all be “rocket” scientists.
    Which is what “Victorian” england institutions advocated as “selection” of a superior species.
    In today’s language
    Superiority complexities.

    Today with technology available the “sky” is limitless…..just Google it.

    Cyber space is unstoppable.

    Off my soap box.
    Interesting comment by my learned gentleman…comrade Marine.

  • demerwater  On 12/27/2015 at 5:48 am

    “Heredity determines the color of her eyes. It takes the right environment to light them up.” Pardon the seeming sexist slant; I sincerely do not intend it.
    Benjamin Disraeli, “There are lies, damn lies; and statistics”.
    Can we all agree that our total self is the combination of our genes and the total environment of our lives so far? Start in the womb.
    It was in nineteen seventy something that I learned of Oudit Jagan, – the eldest of the Jagan brothers. The story went that he was the one that worked in the fields which allowed the others to attain higher education and professions. Could he have also been a dentist or lawyer? The President of an Independent Guyana?
    I know of Joseph Ajodha and Joan Leo. The former grew up in Albuoystown and the latter, by her own admission, was a ‘country bumpkin from Vreed-en-Hoop’. (Our paths did cross again at Albion in nineteen seventy something; by which time she was Joan Sylvester). They won scholarships. I did not even qualify for one in 1953. Why not me? I grew up in Albuoystown and went through the same upbringing, schooling.
    We each have 23 gene pairs (I am told) by which we may be able to predict color of skin, texture of hair and the tendency to become bald etc.
    I really, really, do not believe that the Divine Creator who made me – in His own image and likeness – would reveal to all and sundry, what talent he gave me; more than anyone else.
    That is for me to find out. He has given me a lifetime to do so.
    Happy New Year is my wish to you! Thanks for the engagement.

    • de castro  On 12/27/2015 at 6:28 am

      Enjoyed that short “brain storming” on genetics.
      Yes our DNA is unique as no two are identical/alike.
      Our bar code of life.
      Having had two daughters and twin sons am in a pretty good position to
      confirm this. All four are entirely different “same father mother”…personalities and characteristics I can identify with mother or father.
      Now am able to do so with my 6 third generation grandchildren.
      We live and never stop learning……our hair still grows after exit…..why ?
      For another discussion sometime in future.!
      Happy 2016

  • Gigi  On 12/27/2015 at 11:35 am

    The dr. might want to be reminded that research is also based on statistics and just like statistics, research can be manipulated to show/say what you want it to show/say.

    demerwater makes a very astute point that environment is an influencing factor. A malnourished fetus exposed to unsafe toxins in the womb during its most formative period of development IS going to have serious brain and learning defects, including growth.

    The good dr. spouts and blames unequal school funding. Is the good dr not aware that poor schools with its higher percentage of students with disabilities gets more funding because it costs 2x/3x (depending on the disability needs of the child) more to educate these kids than a non-disable child?

    Also, what incentive is there for people to improve and make something of their lives when their earnings are seized by the govt to provide for those who do not or are unable to? Middle class parents take on a great deal of sacrifice and financial burden to live and send their kids to school in decent neighborhoods to ensure their chances of success. Schools are the main factor in establishing property taxes and are upwards of 60% in most decent school districts. This does not include other fees and costs such as neighbourhood association fees, trash and recycle pickup, mosquito spraying, yard maintenance, and a list of others. The poor folks living off the taxpayer dole does not have these expenses or worries, and they have no clue. They are being taken care of by the folks who have these expenses. They just spit out a bunch of babies they cannot afford to swell their welfare and disability checks (perhaps they should be educated in learning how to close their legs or swallow). Not included in the cost of housing and property taxes are all the additional school funding/fundraisers – book fair, PTA, movie night, special dinner, concert, car wash, bake sale, donation, and a long list of others funding mechanisms. Most of the poor schools do not have these because they wouldn’t be successful.

    The good dr mentions poor quality of teachers in these schools. These are the same teachers who came out of these neighborhoods. And if the good dr should read Geneva Gay’s “research based” book Culturally Responsive Teaching, he will be enlightened by her promoting and advocating for teachers who are of the same cultural “racial” background because they understand and know these children’s situation and background. I could give the good dr here an eye witness earful of all the ways these kids are being failed by Black teachers AND the Black colleges of education that produce them. But I know the good dr here is very much aware of the situation since he works for the NYC Dept of Educ.

    • De castro  On 12/27/2015 at 3:34 pm

      Ha ha…..nice one Gigi…..at your cynical best !
      That’s why I love your spin.
      However may add a bit of “ecopolitics” to the discussion.
      If the state became responsible for “unwanted” or “orphaned” children taxpayers would complain.
      UK it cost 5 times as much to take children into care…..so the state provides for single parent families
      with welfare benefits which is a far better/economical way of addressing the issue…..
      Providing for a parent with two or three children with welfare is not only more economical its better for
      both and costs a fraction than if taken into care….
      My niece complained that she was “despatched” by her posh parents to a “boarding school” which she
      hated but received a first class masters in archeology …..she now teaches English in new zealand uni.
      “Education” is certainly an advantage but we cannot all be rocket scientists.
      Academia has its limitations. Entrepreneurship much more in demand in today’s world
      with its technological advancements.

      My spin
      Open to critique

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