The iconic Clive Thomas speaks! – commentary by Freddie Kissoon

The iconic Clive Thomas speaks!

Dr. Clive Thomas

Dr. Clive Thomas


Perhaps the harshest condemnation of the Jagdeo/Ramotar era to come from a leading figure in the APNU+AFC Coalition Government emerged from the iconic Clive Thomas. Professor Thomas is head of the assets recovery project and made these pronouncements as carried in the Wednesday edition of this paper; “They were drunk, drunk with greed…it’s inhuman what they did.”

The earlier the discoveries of PPP corruptibility are submitted for perusal to the Guyanese people, the better to stem the rising tide of PPP’s hypocritical, destructive, racist activism. East Indian people that stood behind the PPP for over sixty years should know the devastation the PPP brought to this country. 

Thomas’s exposure should destroy the myth, long cherished by Indian constituencies all over Guyana that the PPP was of superior fabric best suited for Indian interests than African Guyanese leadership. This belief was put of graphic display by an influential body of Indians during the election campaign in May this year.

Swami Aksharananda threw off his religious clothes and came out swinging for the continuation of PPP’s hegemony, read that to mean Indian rule. He reminded readers of what a Black party did to Guyana when the PNC ruled. Aksharananda chose not to tell readers what an Indian party did to Guyana when the PPP secured twenty-three years of domination. Clive Thomas’ facts will be an education for this religious man.

The writer, Ryhaan Shah, academic Lomarsh Roopnarine, journalist Leon Suseran, all joined in to warn us that the election was a battle between Indian and African leadership. And they had made their choice. The choice was not a fight between a tainted politician, Donald Ramotar and a man without baggage, David Granger. It was a duel between an East Indian, Ramotar and a Blackman, Granger.

This had to be a sad day not only for Guyanese but for human nature (even though Freud warned us that there is no such thing). Look what humans had become. It was better to choose one of my own to run my country, never mind he would raid my bank and take my savings, than vote for a person that is not from my race even though he is far more decent.

This Indian mind-set was best summed up by the attitude of Dr. Baytoram Ramharack. He was the more honest of the pro-Indian advocates. He penned a letter to both KN and SN in which he asserted that the PPP was not the best choice for Indians, but between the PPP and APNU, Indians should chose the PPP. After the elections, one of these pro-Indian advocates gave us one of the funniest jokes for the year, 2015.

Journalist Suseran wrote a pleading missive to both KN and SN begging for the PPP to pay him for media work done for the PPP during the election. One wants to avoid cruel labels in social analysis, but there are times when persons deserve harsh adjectives. Didn’t Suseran have twenty-three years to see how the PPP operated? As a journalist Suseran had to know that many poor printers and budding artists were not paid for their Carifesta work. But Suseran made ethnicity the criterion that determined his vote. He deserves a derogatory adjective.

What Clive Thomas will soon be showing this nation will depress the average citizens, but not persons in the media and political society. The facts of PPP’s high corruption are patently emblazoned on the face of this country. Ministers after Ministers got prodigious rewards from certain type of investors. These monies were not chicken feed, but mountains and oceans of finances. Lands were given away and in return ruling politicians were handsomely paid.

Billions of dollars went up in high-rise buildings and the owners are masks for the real builders – ruling politicians. Gold was received in lieu of cash and the golden handshake afterwards tells the story of naked corruption under Jagdeo and Ramotar that the Indian advocates need to see.

They will see it soon. Clive Thomas appears to be on a mission. It is a mission that had to come once the PPP was toppled. We in the media know a lot, and each of us have our favourite investigation. Two of my preferred inquires are Khurshid Sattaur and Nirmal Rekha. Rekha in 2004 was found to have signed over one hundred duty free letters that were false. Under Sattaur, some people whose money cannot be counted even by the most sophisticated CIA computers were not forthcoming with their submissions. Surely, the tax man couldn’t miss that. The taxman didn’t miss this Kaieteur News columnist, then how could he have missed the multi-billionaires?

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  • de castro  On 12/19/2015 at 6:27 am

    a truthfully honest expose ….you dont have to dig too deep…..

    more to come…and yes the sooner the better for all honest thinking guyanese…

    openess and transparency a pre requisite in a democracy if polticians are to be trusted.

    respected to do the right thing…make correct decisions.

    que sera

  • Albert  On 12/19/2015 at 11:46 am

    The question is to what extent has the social,cultural and administrative structure of the country been destroyed. Could it be restored. I have doubts but hope that I am wrong.

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