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Banks Holding Limited (BHL) is no longer a Barbadian-owned company

BANKS HOLDINGS LIMITED (BHL) is no longer a Barbadian-owned company.

GERALYN EDWARD, geralynedward@nationnews.com – Added 08 December 2015


Banks Beer on the production line at the Newton, Christ Church Barbados new plant. (FP)

The iconic Bajan brand is now under the control of Brazilian beer giant AmBev, which for the past three months has been locked in a fierce takeover war with Trinidadian conglomerate ANSA McAL.

Yesterday, chairman of BHL, Anthony King, confirmed to the DAILY NATION that it was BHL’s Guyanese namesake – Banks DIH Guyana Limited – that sealed the deal for AmBev’s subsidiary SLU Beverages of St, Lucia  to get ownership of BHL.  Continue reading

Trump Shows Hate Speech is Out and Proud – by Gary Younge – Guardian UK:

Trump Shows Hate Speech is Out and Proud – by Gary Younge – Guardian UK

Those who have been asking if it was necessary to take Donald Trump’s candidacy seriously finally have their answer.

The fact that he has topped almost every poll for the Republican nomination for the past four months was always being weighed against the obvious – he’s a buffoon, with a comb over as brazen, ridiculous and outlandish as his rhetoric. He has offended women, Mexicans, disabled people, Jews, Chinese and immigrants.

Those who saw him only as an entertainer kept waiting for his Republican audience to get the joke and move on to more plausible candidates. But on Monday, 07 December after he called for Muslims to be prevented from entering the US, his presence had become so toxic, even his most dismissive detractors could ignore him no more.  Continue reading

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