Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine – November 2015

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine – November 2015

GCA NovIN THIS ISSUE      PAGE 3-13: Opening of GACC      PAGE 14-16: Diwali Holiday       PAGE 17: Wooden bicycle         PAGE 18-19: UN Catherine Pollard       PAGE 20-21: Focus on Wellness       PAGE 22: Book Review – Winnie Cox      PAGE 23: Ban the Cane       PAGE 24-26: Guyanese Youth in international fashion       PAGE 27: In Memoriam: Lynette Patterson

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR – November Editor Juliet Emanuel

 Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine


When the Media team decided on the theme, Wellness, for the November 2015 online magazine we did wonder whether reuse of articles on various cures for ailments of the body would form the greater portion of the edition. Not so – although quips about remembered doses of castor oil after a sumptuous meal, such as, the one enjoyed by most persons on Thanksgiving Day were made. 

Authors in this edition take a sober look and offer solutions to two issues plaguing our community today. One is the prevalence of mental illness and the other the seemingly accepted control procedure of violence, via corporal punishment, in schools. It may be too obvious to state that with addressing both, without shame, we may move on to a better community status quo.

Among the contributions to this edition are a review, a report on example of Guyanese ingenuity, a consideration of a move by a New York politician concerning one of the national observances of Guyanese, a celebration of international achievements and an acknowledgement of a life well lived. We see in this collection that we continue to strive even in the face of national and international stumbles in our associations with one another.

Thus, we give thanks for the good within our midst and move towards a tomorrow renewed and strengthened by hope, and not fear, recognizing the inherent love of us all one for another. As a tangible statement of GCA’s faith in the future of the citizens of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, on the first day of Advent in the Christian calendar, the association held its formal opening of the Guyana Arts and Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York. You will find a report about this commitment to the future in the first pages that you encounter.

All is not well in the world. But disturbances have been with humankind for eons. It is up to those who can to work to ameliorate or fix what is “ungood” in the community and attempt to make it well.

Enjoy our latest edition of the online magazine. Take care.

Juliet Emanuel November Editor

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