AFRICOM’s New Math, the US Base Bonanza – “Scarier” Times Ahead in Africa

AFRICOM’s New Math, the US Base Bonanza and “Scarier” Times Ahead in Africa

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 00:00By Nick Turse, TomDispatch | News Analysis

Leaders pose for a photo around US Army Gen. David Rodriguez (front, center), US Army Africa Command commander, June 26, 2013, during Exercise Western Accord 2013 in Accra, Ghana.

Photo: Leaders pose for a photo around US Army Gen. David Rodriguez (front, center), US Army Africa Command commander, June 26, 2013, during Exercise Western Accord 2013 in Accra, Ghana. (Photo:Sgt. Tyler Sletten / US Army National Guard)

In the shadows of what was once called the “dark continent,” a scramble has come and gone. If you heard nothing about it, that was by design. But look hard enough and – north to south, east to west – you’ll find the fruits of that effort: a network of bases, compounds, and other sites whose sum total exceeds the number of nations on the continent.

For a military that has stumbled from Iraq to Afghanistan and suffered setbacks from Libya to Syria, it’s a rare can-do triumph. In remote locales, behind fences and beyond the gaze of prying eyes, the US military has built an extensive archipelago of African outposts, transforming the continent, experts say, into a laboratory for a new kind of war.  

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  • de castro  On 11/25/2015 at 1:03 am

    Surprise surprise ! USA colonisation of Africa.
    The powerful war machine will soon dominate our world.
    Better to have military personnel “overseas” than at home.,..less risk of “revolution”
    “Civil war”…..USA already rules the west in collaboration with…..UK EU Russia now….
    maybe China and India later. Colonisation reincarnated. !?
    Now its star wars mk2…..Mars and other planets of our solar system.
    One way ticket to heaven.
    Kamtan at cynically best.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 11/25/2015 at 9:01 pm

    So what has AFRICOM done about Boko Haram, lately??

    • de castro  On 11/26/2015 at 1:21 am

      Suggest you pop that question to the commanders of the American war machine…..USA incorporate

      Will try to answer but may be futile on my part however …here is an idea.

      Christianity,…Judaism ..,jihadism,…are all religiously motivated extremism.
      Religion is the opium of church synagogue or mosque.
      Most go to these places for their ” fix.”

      In war zone most military personnel are fed “kool aid” pun Jones town in Guyana
      so drugged up that they shoot to kill women and children…..
      What is “post traumatic disorder” ? Most ex soldiers suffer after returning from war zones.
      Worked with sri lankan Tamils who at 11 or 12 was taught to use AK47….instructed by their
      seniors to shoot women children …..with gun at their heads.
      War and war zones are not places for any “sane” human to be/visit.

      Book Haram is more a “military” organisation created by a religious belief.
      Suggest Google.
      Maybe you can now answer your own question.


  • Gigi  On 11/26/2015 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks to Nick Turse, I have a comprehensible idea of what the US is doing in Africa behind the face of “a son of a Kenyan father” wanting to “reconnect to his roots and people.” And he was welcomed warmly and fully embraced. It is therefore not surprising that a sizable section of Guyanese people have also fallen prey to his African pandering.

    “”Where does this go post-Obama?” Reeve asks rhetorically, noting that the rise of AFRICOM and the proliferation of small outposts have been “in line with the Obama doctrine.””

    It is interesting that this great African expansion took place under Obama. White folks know Blacks folks more than Black folks know themselves. All that was needed was a false Black messiah. The other day I took a religious pamphlet from an Black Jehovah Witness woman. The pamphlet featured a blonde hair, blue eyed Jesus. I was curious to read what it had to say because I wanted to understand why she was still a believer in this Anglo Saxon Aryan religion. A religion that burn down churches so that Blacks wouldn’t follow/practice White religion. I can never understand why Haitians are often disparaged by Blacks for holding to their authentic and legitimate African religion/religious beliefs.One would have expected Blacks to embrace this much like how the Hindus, Chinese and Muslims held on to and practiced their religion beliefs under indentured servitude.

    Now, who will report to on SOUTHCOM? We saw recent regime change in Argentina and Guyana at the hand of the A+B&C countries. I just read two recent reports on US activities in Venezuela to instigate violent regime change during Venezuela’s December 5th elections. Cuba remains alert to US continuing agenda to remove the Castro regime. Other South American countries are also tense and alert to US interference.
    The Caribbean situation is no different. Haiti just went through blatant violence and election rigging instigated by the UN (yes, the UN is into election rigging), Canada and the US/Clinton Foundation.

    World War III is now unfolding in Syria and it’ll be interesting to see how this ends. One of the games my kids and I used to play a lot of was ‘Risk.’ My son always won because he would never spread his forces out all over the board and leave his troops weak. His sisters, on the other hand, were eager to conquer and eager to attack to accomplish their aim. He was more like Russia – wise, calculating, deliberate and strategic. They, on the other hand, were like America – inexperienced, brash, and impulsive, creating too many false friends and real enemies who were eager for them to fall. Me, I was dragged into the action to make up numbers, reduce the carnage and diffuse upset feelings.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 11/27/2015 at 7:54 am

    This comment from Siouxrose11 – shows that someone is paying attention:

    “According to the Washington-dominated Asian Development Bank (ADB), there is, at present, a monstrous gap of $800 billion in the funding of Asian infrastructure development to 2020 and it’s yearning to be filled. Beijing is now stepping right into what promises to be a paradigm-breaking binge of economic development.”

    Meanwhile, the U.S. under thrall to its Military Industrial Complex sees most “development” in the form of those 1000+ bases lily-padding the globe.

    Back in my college days (mid l970s), my roommate’s father gave me a book entitled, “The Late Great Planet Earth.” Its author, Hal Lindsay was convinced BACK THEN that China was going to take over the world.

    The implications are prophetic.

    As Nick Turse explains with rigged detail, U.S. M.I.C. forces are busy training armies in Africa and building covert bases while it’s the Chinese that are designing infrastructure, cleaner energies, and working to improve the living standards of the “Dark Continent.”

    Perhaps it will be the Chinese who grant living proof to the idea that Power does not come from a gun… or weapons, in general.

    Hmm… a paradigm beyond Mars rules. How refreshing!

    “After all, in China’s stunningly ambitious plans at least, its Eurasian project will end up covering no less than 65 countries on three continents, potentially affecting 4.4 billion people. If it succeeds even in part, it could take the gloss off al-Qaeda- and ISIS-style Wahhabi-influenced jihadism not only in China’s Xinjiang Province, but also in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

    Imagine it as a new kind of Eurasian war on terror whose “weapons” would be trade and development. After all, Beijing’s planners expect the country’s annual trade volume with belt-and-road partners to surpass $2.5 trillion by 2025.”

    • de castro  On 11/27/2015 at 8:28 am

      So on 30 November China is welcomed aboard IMF with yuan as reserve currency.
      Will yuan replace/merge with USD ? Food for thought.
      My predictions…..
      As soon as 1€ = $1. trading in USD switches to €….
      Oil gas et al….economic sense ….political madness.
      USA is a distrusted/spent international player……american dream dead.
      Now USA/CHINA as world power is absolute nonsensical.
      However it could be USA/UK/EU/CHINA/INDIA/RUSSIA planet colonisers.
      Not sure for how long it will last…!?…may be bit far fetched but likely….not an impossible
      new world order…..we shall see…

      Mars Jupiter et al ….here we come….ha ha ha !

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