Wikileaks cable… U.S. said: Roger Khan could bring down PPP

Roger Khan

Roger Khan

Wikileaks cable…  U.S. said: Roger Khan could bring down PPP

CONVICTED narco-trafficker Shaheed Roger Khan can potentially cause great embarrassment to, or even bring down, the People’s Progressive Party, whether in or out of office, by revealing his links with them and the skeletons in their closet.

This is according to a leaked cable from the United States Embassy here, dated June 29, 2006, some 14 or so days after Khan was captured in neighbouring Suriname while fleeing local lawmen.  The U.S. Embassy was quoted in the June 29, 2006 cable as saying that Khan not only enjoyed political protection from high-ranking PPP government officials, but that at a minimum, former Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj and long-time Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon collaborated with him.

[Read more – Wikileaks cable…  U.S. said: Khan could bring down PPP]


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  • Gigi  On 11/23/2015 at 10:31 am

    Roger Khan could bring down PPP…

    So Khan could bring down the PPP but the killings carried out by Fineman and Blackie cannot/did not bring down the PNC/APNU?
    Why is that? Are only Blacks allowed to kill with impunity in Guyana?
    Are only Blacks allowed to be labeled “freedom fighters”, have the retched Guyana flag drape their coffins, and have their funerals attended by prominent members of the PNC/APNU?
    Why aren’t Indians allowed to have their “freedom fighters”? Especially since Indians belong to the group most targeted by Black racial violence.
    Why is there only repercussions against the other races in Guyana that choose to protect themselves against Black violence and hate?
    Are Indians and other races and peoples supposed to turn the other cheek while Blacks slaughter our people out of raw hate and spite?
    I would have like if Roger Khan and his freedom fighters were around to take care of those people who attacked and hurt my mother for being Indian.

    Roger Khan the drug kingpin brought down the PPP because the US govt wanted ownership and control of what he had. Not because of what his group of “freedom fighters” did to protect the Indians. The PPP won the elections. The ABC countries colluded to rig the elections in favor of PNC/APNU. Forget the AFC. The AFC was just a front, smoke and mirrors to carry out the fraud. The AFC is being made to look insignificant and irrelevant because it is.

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