New Book: Hold On To Your Dreams – By Derrick B. Thomas

New Book: Hold On To Your Dreams – By Derrick B. Thomas

Hold on to Your Dreams - Derrick Thomas Find the way to surmount your problems. Indeed see problems as the hurdles of opportunity. Derrick’s book shows how success can be achieved and life loved to the full.

My name is Derrick Thomas a Guyanese born in Mackenzie (Linden) and have been living in England since 1957, In 2012 I had the privilege of being chosen to be an Olympic Torch at the 2012 Games held in London.

I have also worked in many parts of the world as a Flight Simulator Specialist, Brain Body CT scanner Specialist and in later year a financial Adviser for a large Insurance Company.

Derrick Thomas - back

“Hold onto your Dreams”- Back cover

I am now retired and have written my biography titled “Hold onto your Dreams” which is now in libraries around the UK. The book is based on the importance of education, good manners, respect for parents, drugs, smoking and health lifestyle to motivate and inspire young men and women to what they can achieve with education and perseverance.

To LOOK INSIDE the book for Table of Contents, Introduction etc. Click the following link on Amazon [Click here]

Also read a profile article on my life and featuring me carrying the Olympic Torch.

Profile – Derrick Thomas – Why we should never give up on our dreams

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