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iNvest Guyana 2015 Magazine

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Invest in Guyana and “Grow with the Opportunity”  

In this our third edition of INVEST GUYANA we welcome and introduce a new Government in Guyana which is charting a new course for Guyana’s development over the next five years. It has committed to ensuring continued economic growth and sustainable development and a drive towards a green economy. The recently released National Budget as presented by the new Minister of Finance has projected continued annual economic growth which will be led by major investments by the Government in the improvement and development of the national infrastructure.  

The Government’s investment programme includes the construction of four lane highways and new roads, resurfacing of major roads, an expanded Cheddi Jagan International Airport and a new Demerara Harbour Bridge among the many other projects. Guyana will continue to focus on attracting Foreign Direct Investment from international and domestic investors and its diaspora community encouraging investments across the spectrum of Guyana’s economic sectors.

This investment is projected to be accelerated by the recent offshore discovery of oil in Guyana by Exxon Mobil and the announced beginning of construction of Guyana’s first Deep Water Harbour on the Berbice River. The new Marriott Hotel has brought a new level of accommodation and five star service to the hospitality industry. This is to be followed by the opening of the soon to be rebranded and refurbished Princess Hotel under the Ramada brand. Major investments by Qualfon, Teleperformance, the Massy Group, Unicomer Group are supported by a rush of investments from Suriname and other Caribbean countries which demonstrates confidence in the national economy.

The local Private Sector has endorsed the new Government initiatives and the new National Budget. The President has made a clarion call for investments and expansion into manufacturing and processing of high quality finished products to maximise on the value added potential given our diverse source of raw materials. The Ministry of Business has been established and has unveiled a range of approaches including the re-organising of the Guyana Office for Investment to ensure swift action in assisting investors to establish.

The Ministry has also confirmed a major initiative to develop and encourage Small and Medium Enterprises with funding and technical support through a Small Business Development Unit. It is our hope that through the pages of this publication we will stimulate your interest to invest in Guyana and “Grow with the Opportunity” in any of the many areas of investment on offer in Guyana.

Our thanks go to the Government of Guyana and in particular our strategic partners the Ministry of Business, GO-INVEST and The Private Sector Commission. Thanks also to our editorial contributors, valued Advertisers, staff and the many others who assisted in making this publication a reality.

Lokesh Singh.  Publisher

View/Download: INVEST GUYANA 2015 – Magazine

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