Download:  DIASPORA TIMES OCTOBER-Final for circulation

Diaspora TimesContent:   PAGE 3: Not a blade o’ grass     PAGE 4-5: Extracts from President Granger’s address to the UN      PAGE 6-8: Venezuela File      PAGE 9: Chronicle calls out PPP     PAGE 10-11: Amerindians owned it      PAGE 12: Development & the Diaspora      PAGE 13: The President, Prime Minister, Vice Presidents & Ministers       PAGE 14: How much money does a politician need?       PAGE 15: Government’s turn to trust the people.       PAGE 16-17: Do we know where our children are?       PAGE 18-19: How Diaspora improves children’s education.      PAGE 20: If it was wrong then, it is wrong now.      PAGE 21-22: New hope for unity …      PAGE 23: A goobie is not a calabash      PAGE 24-25: Remittances      PAGE 26: Guyana’s transformational leadership      PAGE 27: What our readers write.      PAGE 28: Guyana news summary. 

Editorial Board: Chairman – Desmond Roberts    Editor – Frank A. Campbell, Freddie Shivdat, Dr. Lear Matthews, Halim Majeed Lurlene Nestor. Ave Brewster-Haynes, Hugh Hamilton, Dr. Rohan Somar.

Contributors: Frank A. Campbell, Lincoln Lewis, Neil O. Wray, T. Eric Matthews, Lear Matthews, Desmond Roberts, Joshua Chowritmootoo, Sharma Solomon, David Hinds

Photographs: http://www.chaacreek.com Office of the Presidency United Nations.     Graphic Design & Layout Claire Ann Goring, Ashton Franklin.

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